Friday, December 1, 2017

Mountains for my Desert Mat

In preparing for Rommel I realised I needed some mountains.  I did one test cutting up a polystyrene sheet which I then liberally covered in PVA glue and sand before suitably painting.  Happy I was so I made what I thought was a necessary set. 

First I discover that I hadn't made enough.

Then my partner tells me they look like bread buns.  I say they are mountains!  She says "hills more like."  People can be so cruel.

 Okay, so maybe not the Atlas Mountains.

 My existing 15mm desert troops come in four basing styles.

In the above picture we have at the top a single Commonwealth figure in my original style which is basically Tamiya Flat Earth and a dry brush of VJ Stone Grey.  In the centre we have a stand from the massive Fallschirmjager purchase from a year or so ago - at least with the edges, it blends in well.  Far right there is my attempt to copy the Fallschirmjager basing, my static grass looking a bit more luxuriant.  Finally on the far left is a base from my recently purchased Tunisian forces - maybe if I do the edges in the desert mat colour...

 Not exactly the Red Planet, 
but these two figures from the old Hinchcliffe Barsoom range have been painted with bases to match.

 Don't ask, I just paint 'em.

Not sure about this, but I also saw I needed a building for Rommel.
This paper building had been half done when I was preparing Vimeiro.
I decided to finish it to see how it looks.

Being hollow it sits well on the textured terrain, however I will keep looking for some desert buildings.  I am tempted to do some scratch building. 


  1. I think the mountains look pretty good given they have to fit inside a grid. 😀

    1. Thanks. Yes the grid was a factor. I also wanted them flat so bases could be placed without all the slippery sliding my lovely green hills provide.