Sunday, April 18, 2021

Operation Splendour - The DAK are back!

This is the fourth time I have played or umpired this scenario, the second time using hexes.  The club games day came up so fast I was lucky that I still had everything labelled from last time, even though it was six months ago.  This time I took the Afrika Korps and Simon the Allies.

21st Pz on the left, 15th Pz on the right.

15th Pz go into action against the 161st Indian Motor Brigade 
which has been pushed forward to seize the northern(?) most objective.
The 6th NZ Brigade has taken the objective to the south on the Ruweisat Ridge line.

After receiving a bloody nose on its first attack,
15th Pz again attacks, only by now the Indians have had a chance to dig in.

15th Pz keep attacking, their objective is to isolate the Indian troops on the high ground.

Meanwhile 21st Pz has advanced against the New Zealanders.

DAK operations are cut short by a poor roll for ops dice 
(ones are a fail).

The British 23rd Armored Brigade has now arrived.
21st Pz attack!

After a pause 15th Pz resume the attack.
DAK Reserve have arrived.

In a battle of maneuver,
23rd Armored have by passed 21st Pz and are heading for the other objectives.

However 21st Pz is not going to let the Valentine equipped British pass 
without inflicting some casualties.

After another repulse suffered by 15th Pz,
the DAK Reserve make an attack on the northern objective.
23rd Armored have taken one objective.

They also then take the second objective in their sector.
At this stage the Allies hold all four objectives.

The DAK Reserve again attack.

21st Pz attack to try and retake the objectives captured by 23rd Armored.

The northern attack is reaching its limits of sustainability.

21st Pz seems trapped between the New Zealanders and the Valentines.
Luckily it can trace its supply lines through the Axis minefields.

The climax of the battle is upon us.
15th Pz and the DAK Reserve press their attacks.

21st PZ seems to be getting the upper hand against 23rd Armored.

15th PZ have broken through,
isolating the Indians holding the northern objective.

A final attack carries the position, sealing an DAK victory.

21st Pz mops up the last of the Valentines.

Victory was achieved on the last turn.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Carthaginians versus Romans

This time Dave and I went for a more historical match up as we tried to get back into Impetus Second Edition.  Just 300 points.


Turn one advance.

Turn Two advance

Roman CnC is downgraded.

Turn Three contact.
I threw plenty of sixes, Dave threw plenty of ones.
My sub-general is killed.

The Roman sub-general is downgraded.

Turn Four and Roman morale breaks.

I am not sure that Second Edition, for the effort involved, provides a more enjoyable game than Basic.  If there was only Second Edition I would be happy playing it, but given Basic...

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Red Star White Eagle - Campaign Part 5

Life has a habit of getting in the way of things, but the boardgame must go on!

I don't think I've ever played a game with such a fluid front line.

The Poles have continued their attack against the West Front (northern sector).
In retrospect I should have withdrawn.

Having learned my lesson (maybe),
both West Front and South West Front have pulled back.

The Poles move up, attacking the extreme south of the West Front.

The South West Front pulls back.
But the West Front has actually attacked on the extreme northern end of the line.
More surprisingly this was actually successful, although with casualties.

The Poles move up cautiously against the South West Front.
But in the north they launch a bloody counterattack 
which for once doesn't see vast numbers of Soviet units destroyed.

The game plays slowly, not because the rules are complex or that there are a lot of counters, but because deciding when and where to attack takes a lot of consideration.  In the top left hand corner of some of the above images can be seen a pile of counters that Richard has resorted to using to mark units' start and end points to aid in planning for the launching of attacks.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

World in Flames via FB - 20

German build up on the Soviet border, Vladivostok holds, Iraq conquered, Iran in the grip of Partisans.

Elsewhere, Commonwealth invades Morocco, Vichy fleet largely destroyed.

AUSGAME 2020 1941 – S/O 41 EOT
Due to time constraint, abbreviated summary of this week’s session:
No GERM DOW from the US. The CW DOW Vichy France and invaded Morocco – no USE Chit, 5 needed, Russia DOW Iraq 1 x USE entry Chit lost, 9 needed, GERM Aligned Yugoslavia 1 x USE Chit gained, GERM rolled 2, 3 needed.
EOT Losses – see photo
Notable events:
• The weather in S/O was diverse went from 10 to 1 in two impulses – storm to fine everywhere.
• 4 impulse S/O turn both sides – Axis started, Allies ended.
• Last bonus fine weather GERM failed to dislodge the British from Trondheim, + 6 Aslt needed to roll 14 or more rolled 12, so close.
• British RN again failed to find GERM Surface ships in the N Sea (Bismarck) rolled 7 and 8 or find anything else except for teh poor V French ships.
• On the Surprise attack 4 x V French ships BS Ricelieu, CA’s Colbert, Algerie, Primaguet and 3 x Conv were scuttled by their crews as British invade the ports but captured CA Duquesne
• Manchurian Front - No Change
• Russia rolled a 4! v Iraq 2 Cav – Russia lost Cav Div
• 2 factor Partisan in Iran oil port of Bandar Shapur still causing angst for the Russian, denying oil and tying up units, likely to take two full turns to eliminate.
• Japan lost the CA Chikuma and DIV with an unlucky find by the US CA Salt Lake City – she rolled a 1, 1 – 8 split in US favour.
• GERM continues to build up on the Russian front. GERM GV now 64 + 18 chits average at 2 (36) or average at 3 (54) Total either 100 or 118. Russian GV 42 +27 chits + 7 points reinforcements. Total GV 76 – GERM needs 152 to break Pact until M/A 42 when GV is halved.
• Japanese oil constraints will ease a little as Japan has captured 2 x NEI oil (Borneo) and now have an oil factory in Japan – 3 oil per turn still marginal to wage war. Japan’s build still only 8 BPs as she has not cleared partisans occupying Chinese resources yet – been busy with the Russians and the US.
• EOT rolled by Allies - no shift in Initiative tracker – still +2 Axis.
• EOT Partisan roll 5 – 2 x Partisans turn up in China.
• Japan did miss an opportunity to destroy a Part in S China in the bonus clear – distracted by the US Naval ops – he won’t do that again.
The early US DOW v Japan is going to be a significant challenge for the Japanese, juggling a land war with China and Russia whilst keeping the US at bay with only 3 oil and 8 BPs per turn is not an easy ask – especially with Rabaul, Kwajalein Singapore and Batavia in Allied hands. The focus needs to be capturing the other NEI Oil, Malay resources and dealing with the pesky Partisans to free up more resources. On the brighter side winter will see little action so oil should be accumulated and there are free resources in Malaya that the CW can do little to protect, Singapore is only marginally garrisoned and is currently OOS and the Japanese CV fleet is larger and has significantly better CVP than the US – so the US has to be a little cautious. GERM looks as it is preparing for a 42 Barbarossa whilst defending the Med, Norway and Western Europe. GERM was a little unlucky not to take Trondheim but did need an above average roll – this is tying up 9 units including two x Arty and 4 acft – many of which will be needed in Russia. Italian acft, bombers have arrived near the Russian front and this will give the GERM a bonus ‘Air’ on the surprise impulse, one significant weakness of the GERM is his lack of aircraft in Russia.
The Allies are well position, the CW loss of Egypt is still annoying and the loss of the Suez strategically limiting. However, the build-up, albeit slow in India and Arabia is gaining momentum and being able to reinforce Batavia and challenge the Japanese if they stray too far east bodes well for future operations. The Royal Navy continues to be the bane of the CW with few successful finds, luckily the axis subs seemed to be plagued by the same malaise and the conv lanes remain intact. With the US entering the war this will be less concerning as both supply, extra US convs and escorts will be arriving in the next couple of turns. Russia is struggling to remove a single Part off their Iranian oil fields, which may take two turns and an inordinate number of units – and with bad weather and the threat of Barbarossa this will need careful management, and further assessment if it is worth the late investment? The USA is very happy as it finds itself in the enviable position of having achieved all its 1943 objectives in 1941! He will be able to operate his main fleet out of Rabaul and his subs out of Batavia. Truk is very vulnerable and the biggest risk to the US is the US itself becoming overly confident and risking a major naval CV battle too early – needs to control his blood lust. China will continue to ping away against single ‘at risk’ Japanese land units in a war of attrition that will be uncomfortable for the Japanese, especially if the dice are kind to the Chinese.

The Battle of Norway - the British are still in Trondheim despite the best efforts of the GERM.

The Russian Front - the 1942 OP BARBAROSSA build up continues.

All the Way USA - convoys and escorts out patrolling the high seas

Morocco invaded by CW forces.

Morocco invaded by CW forces.

Morocco invaded by CW forces.

Destruction of V French Hvy Ships the harsh realities of War.

The Axis W Med blockade - a NAV Wall of Death and Naval destruction - none shall pass!

Arabia - in Allied hands ATM

China - little change

The Far East

Manchuria No Change

The USA claims the Pacific in S/O 1941 - two years early!

Losses mixed bag.

Expanding my Armies of Islam

Work continues rebasing and repairing and enhancing my Xmas present.

Three units of Jund medium cavalry.
All I did was repair some paint chips and rebase.
Someone had put in a lot of work modifying and replacing spears on these figures.
Very nice.

Khurasasian (I hope) - two units of light cavalry with bow.
The Tin Soldier catalogue identifies them as
DAA12 Khorosanian horse archer.
These are as bought with just a black wash applied and rebased.

And a commander.
This guy was perfect, just needed basing.