Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blitzkrieg Commander Game Write-Up

There are no photos from the game Richard and I played on Saturday afternoon, 12 May, but to me the essence of a good game is if it produces a compelling narrative.

In late 1944 a German counterattack had established a bridgehead that the Soviets were determined to eliminate.  A large force of armour and infantry backed by significant artillery assets was ordered to undertake the mission, but got off to a slow and confused start.  The Soviet barrage hit just as their forces were closing in on the enemy landing square on their lead elements, throwing the Soviet infantry into confusion who through, a command blunder, then fell back, quiet understandable, but against orders – they were of course expected to attack through the friendly fire.  Some of the T34s took a number of hits and stalled, but there were plenty of tanks and they proceeded to literally overrun the forward German positions. The German Tiger tanks then entered the fray and started to knock out the T34s, however the Soviet JS IIs which had been holding themselves in reserve (the only way to justify their tardy progress and save their commander from the firing squad) then appeared and took out the Tigers.  The German commander then suffered a command blunder in ordering the 88s, weapons that could have matched the JS IIs, to make a partial withdrawal.  Again, a move that was very understandable, but against orders.  Such a move could only result in the collapse of the German position and therefore nicely brought the game to a close within the allotted eight turns.
The game played well even though we were a bit rusty on the rules.

Richard organised the game so I haven't paid any attention to the points or Order of Battle for the forces involved.  For me it was all about the game telling a story.