Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to my miniature wargaming blog.  Now that the trauma of picking a name for my blog is over I can hopefully settle down to some productive writing about my favourite hobby.  Miniature wargaming is a passion I have had that turned serious around 1970, when I was inspired by the movie Waterloo and the associated figure range available from Airfix.  Before that it was just playing with toy soldiers.
Starting this blog will save me burdening my Facebook page, allow me to get some things off my chest (rant, diatribe and even polemic were alternative names for this blog), allow me to track my progress with building my wargaming forces (including posting some pictures) and possibly even generate some discussion.  I will also get to learn about blogging
Why Sun of York?  That is my nom de plume on the Fanaticus Forum.