Saturday, October 19, 2019

World in Flames - 12

In Fortress Europa I roll on a six sided die wanting a low roll for clear weather.  I WiF I roll a ten sided dice wanting a high number for bad weather.  It's doing my head in!

 China hung on for all of the September/October 1940 turn 
thanks to bad weather, bad Japanese rolling and a short turn.  
However the weather for the first pair of impulses in November/December 1940 is fine...

A large force of Axis troops are expected at any moment to appear on the border 
now that Vichy has been declared.  
Bulgaria has been aligned and Greece invaded.  
I have started to pad out the Finish and Rumanian fronts.

China was able to build two divisions and the USSR three infantry units, one garrison and one cavalry plus more pilots.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fortress Europa - Part Five

In our last session Richard and I had just got up to the big German counterattack.  It went like this:

 The drive on Antwerp was successful.

 And on the border with Switzerland the French Army was badly mauled.


 It immediately came to nought.

And by mid January the Allies were again pushing forward,
thanks to mild weather and good die rolls by me and not so good die rolls by Richard.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Napoleon's Battles via Scharnhorst

I had not got my act together for the Club's Games Day and just thought I would go with NB Scenario One yet again, but then I had a thought, let's front end it with Scharnhorst.  I'd done this successfully before a few years back, but had not got around to trying it again.

I had a quick few tests and went with just three movement points representing an hour (which is two on table turns).  That seemed to work.

Stephen went Prussian and Simon French while I umpired, adjudicated, pontificated and made things up as I went a long, with occasional consultation.

 There were three hours of marching about until the French declared battle.
The table was C4, C5 to E4 and E5.
As can be seen it had two nasty rivers running through the battlefield.  
Fordable, but rough.

 Facing west.
The Prussian Advance Guard which was in E5 is moving to join the Prussian 1st Division 
that has just arrived.  
Their 2nd Division is marching to the battlefield
and will arrive in about four turns.

 The Prussians suffered badly at start.

 But when their reinforcements arrived...

They were able to fight to a standstill.
The French centre was weak and the two flanks separated
making further combat problematic.

The Order of Battle was as per Scenario One which is set in the Revolutionary War.  Using Scharnhorst made for a much more interesting game and holds lots of promise.

Here are a few extra photos that Stephen took:

Friday, October 11, 2019

Fortress Europa - Part Four

Richard and I just managed to get in about three turns, completing November 1944.

 So we've raced up to the border...

But noe the Germans will be launching a huge counterattack with these new reinforcements!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Late Eastern Imperial Roman

500 points on a 6x4, quite different to recent games using Impetus Second Edition.  My Byzantines against Dave's Romans.  To account for the table size we added an extra terrain piece each, however we both threw "nothing"on the terrain table.

This game is best summarized as "on target".

 Despite my preponderance of cavalry.
I was out scouted and had to set up first.
But as can be seen, this didn't matter.

 End of Turn 1
I actually advanced.
In switching between rules we forgot that ranges changed and that opportunity was a thing.

 Oh dear!
My sub-general is downgraded.

 End of Turn 2.
We are in missile range.

 End of Turn 3.
My guys have been fantastic shots!
Half of the enemy skirmishers have been eliminated.

 End of Turn 4.
Did I say fantastic shots?
They were double good fantastic shots!!

 End of Turn 5.
Oh no, they are firing (pitifully) back.
(Note disorder marker on my far left legion - it actually hurt as we shall see...)

 End of Turn 6.
My army viewed from the disordered Roman side.

My CinC gets downgraded.

 While the enemy subcommander gets upgraded!

 That same enemy general who has lost most of his command 
and is about three casualties from breaking.

 End of Turn 7.
Contact and my troops recoil.
(the disordered legion on my far left was badly mauled)

 End of Turn 8.
And end of game.

The Roman left wing collapses (who's the upgraded general now huh?)
and with the losses sustained by the main body that is enough to tip them over to break.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

World in Flames - 11

It's the waiting that's getting to me.  The tension is high as the Japanese have built up a massive force in China and in Europe the Axis are massing on the border.  I can do little against the fgormer, but the latter is a bit more tricky.

 It is the second impulse pair of September/October 1940 and the weather has cleared.
Note Japanese outflanking which is going to be a pain to contain.

I learnt that unlike the European map, you need two corps/armies stacked to generated a ZoC. Luckily HQ units have a ZoC all by themselves, so Mao saves the day.

The July/August build for China was one Militia and one Garrison.

I've started to rearrange the front and plan for a forward blocking pattern and a rear flexible deployment ready to move when the war starts. 
It all comes down to unit numbers and terrain points
and that bare border with Romania looks like trouble. 

The border with Romania looks a bit empty, but units have started to go into the border Finland.

The USSR build was a HQ (Infantry), two Infantry armies, a garrison and a pilot.  I gave serious thought to building an armour, but it would not arrive till after the expected hostilities and I need troops now, plus I want to get the gearing limit up so I can build all the infantry.

The garrison value is currently 18 from units and 15 from chits (33).  The Axis have 31 from units (the SS militia and garrison units count double, but are not really offensive troops) and an estimated 24 from chits.

The Nazi-Soviet Pact was signed in Jul/Aug 1939, six turns ago now, and to declare war they must have double the garrison value.  Until the end of Jan/Feb 1941 the Soviet garrison values for their units are doubled :-)  The Axis therefore need 102.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hexes A Go Go

One of the major challenges being a blogger is thinking up amusing titles for posts.

I've always wanted a hex mat and now I have one.  However I can't decide what to do with it, so I've tried it out with a range of my figures and models to see what looks good.  Here are the results:

6mm base that I kind of did for Blucher.
Perfect fit!
Information on Blucher Hexes can be found here:

I should note that I have only five bases of 6mm figures, although lots of 6mm figures in varying degrees of painting and basing.

I wonder how my Impetus bases fit?
The Light Cavalry base is the biggest, so all the rest would fit fine.
Maybe some large units might have an issue...
Just need to convert Impetus to hexes to give it a try.

One of the initial reasons for getting the Hex Mat was to see how it would work for Napoleonics.
This standard cavalry unit from Napoleon's Battles is a tight fit.

But a two base cavalry unit is a much better fit.
The hexes are roughly four inches wide.

A big Napoleon's Battles infantry unit.

Again, a slightly smaller unit fits better 
and allows for different formations or postures to be depicted.

Column of Manoeuvre

March Column

There's even room for artillery.

Not quite limbered artillery...

But where there is a will, there's a way!

Do I have enough hexes for a system like Bag the Hun?

Sadly my hopes for using this mat for Rommel ain't going to work.
So I'm making plans to add hexes to the reverse side of my squared desert mat.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Random WW2 German Reinforcements

These are basically just completing single models I'd picked up from either bargains or surplus.

 A nice if somewhat unnecessary addition to my Afrika Korps.

 I think the crew are Command Decision, 
but the Kubelwagen and Pak 40 are an unknown brand.

 Same gun put in service for my European Germans.

 Zvedza Elephant.

 Unknown blurry halftrack.

 Unknown PzIV.

 These unknown models are solid metal and come in about four pieces.

 Unknown Stug.
Deciding what camouflage variant I was going to use was the hard part.

Spare crew.