Saturday, December 21, 2019

World in Flames 20

Anyone spreading rumours that Stalin has left Moscow for a holiday in Hawaii will receive a visit from the NKVD.

The session, the July/August turn for 1941, got of to a good start when I won the initiative.  But then it promptly disintegrated when the Axis grabbed it back using a reroll.  The weather was fine.

We completed only one impulse.  The Axis made four attacks one of which was just mopping up.  Another encroached on Moscow while the other two breached the Dnieper, north and south.  The only good things is that this consumed Offensive Chits and a number of German HQs.

 Militia is being rushed forward.  
The Belorussian Front is isolated, but determined to die hard (I hope).

With the first Russian-Japanese war concluded,
Japan seems to be switching its attention elsewhere.

Next session will be 2/1/2020.  In the meantime I have set up the Barbarossa scenario again in Vassal and so might give it a spin during the festive season.


  1. How do you think the wars in Russia and China are going? Are Leningrad and Sevastopol as well protected as they look? Is Moscow as vulnerable?

    1. The Russian front all depends on the length of the turn to a large degree. Leningrad is at maximum stacking and I hope to get Sevastopol to that level as well. As such they will then require major Axis effort to clear them. Moscow is doomed as they have more and better quality troops there than I do.

      China I guess depends on whether Japan will get serious about occupying the Pacific and India. Weather is also a factor, but they still have a sizeable force in China that can keep picking away at the Chinese front line. That said, there is not a lot of value in China left for the Japanese and it would be a long time before the Chinese can build up a force that would be a threat. I can but dream.

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  3. Great report - it took me a couple of reads to work out why Stalin would be going to Hawaii :)

    1. :-)

      Well, we've now got a good example of what to do when your country is in peril.