Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old Glory Napoleonic Prussian Limbers

The red piping makes painting Prussian artillery a challenge, but these are finished now.  I originally painted the harness black, but decided buff gave a better result - my check of references was inconclusive.

The gunners and cannon are up next.

Peter Laing – Athenian Hoplites and archers

These Peter Laing hoplites and archers were purchased around the second half of the 1970s and probably painted in the late 1980s.  I don’t recall ever using them in anger – there is not enough anyway, but adding in a few early Minifigs and I can just about do an army for DBA.  I am pretty sure these figures were catalogued as Athenian (the other Hoplites being Spartan).  Having now checked against the catalogue put up at the Wargaming Miscellany blog these figures are F401 and F405. See:

Anyway, just an excuse to add a bit of nostalgia given I had seen some other posts on Peter Laing figures.


I had being toying with ancients using the Airfix sets and conversions.  These Peter Laing figures were the first 15mms I ever bought, but I didn’t proceed to build an army from them (still a poor student).  By the time I could afford an army the Tin Soldier figures had arrived and once I started with them, their style had me locked in.  I remember painting these as a novelty and also to just get them off the lead mountain (which in those days was just a slight raise compared to now-a-days’ lofty peak).