Friday, July 31, 2020

Swedish Regt Vestgota dals

My second Swedish unit is complete.  This is the late war uniform specified by Bernadotte.

I really enjoy the animation in these figures.

I have to admit I know little about this regiment, I just liked the flag.

A quick Google identifies a Västgöta regemente that was converted from a cavalry regiment in 1811.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Holland'44 - 3Q20 - Turns 1 and 2

In a kind of continuation of our Ukraine'43 experience, Mike and I started this game which my I am happy to say my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday last month  (well that was what I spent her well received monetary gift on).  Better still it is out on the table and in play!

The dice determined that Mike would go Allied.

 30 Corps are speeding up the highway.

 The 101st had a bit of a rough landing,
but have secured the Veghel and Son bridges.

 The 82nd have secured numerous bridges,
and have started to clear Nijmegen.

 The race to Arnhem.

 A bit of traffic congestion on the way to Eindhoven.

 A motley collection of Germans start to approach the 101st's positions.

The German 406th Division make a solitary appearance.

 The Germans close in on Arnhem...

 During the night the 30th Corps push on.

 1st Airborne reach Arnhem.

The Germans will try and hold Eindhoven,
while leaving enough troops behind,
to make sure 30th Corps needs to cover its flanks. 

 Germans threaten 1st Airborne's Dropzone Y.
They have made their first attack against the Red Berets (blue Engaged marker).
They also seem to be trying to surround the 82nd Airborne.

The mystery of the unknown units.
I kept telling Mike they were mainly zeros.
I'm afraid I might have told a lie.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Trial of Strength - June'44

After the misery of playing Soviets in the 1942 scenario coupled with my performance in the World in Flames game, Richard graciously suggested playing the 44 scenario of Trial of Strength. 

Let's see how the Soviets go this time.

 Set up
III June 1944

 Soviets have smashed a hole in AGN's line.

I July 1944
Axis reform line and pull back.

 Soviet advance continues in the North.
Supply will be an issue as rail lines have to be repaired and then converted.
Note: Supply range in good weather is four hexes.

II July 1944
Axis have pulled back a bit more.
Soviets have rebuilt their forces and moved forward their airforce ready for the next attacks.

Not knowing the enemy strength makes for a bit of cautious play, but this might change if more attacks can be made that will hopefully find weak spots. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

World in Flames 43

Jan/Feb 43 was a very short turn.  Unfortunately the weather has improved for the start of Mar/Apr.

 The Axis were able to clear out a Soviet enclave in the Urals.  
They were at plus twenty on the dice and threw triple tens.  
Overkill doesn't even come close to describing it.

 The Chinese are making a nuisance of themselves.

A Soviet presence, as limited as it is, remains in Europe.
With the build up of US forces in the UK the Axis are having to send valuable HQs back to France.
Can't happen soon enough says Uncle Joe.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Numidian Light Cavalry

A cheap buy until I discovered they were missing their shields.  After looking at drawing pins and such, I found the head of a cleat nail to be perfect.  My other lucky break was using Jo Sonja's texture paste to secure them (as well as using it for the attaching the rider to the horse).  It dries hard, fills gaps and is sticky enough to start with to hold the pieces in place.

The other nice find was

The cleat nail.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Scenario Two - Napoleon's Battles

I put on this game at the NWS club for a few of the chaps.  I umpired; Russell, Mark B who was later replaced by Darren, went Austrian; while Dave and Simon went French.

We used 3rd Edition with a few of 4th Edition's optional rules.

 The French advanced and were immediately charged by the Austrians,
in a deadly combined arms assault,
that only just made it, consuming a Reroll in the process.

 End of the first turn.
The excitement on the Austrian right saw their cavalry scream off into the far distance.
The routed French brigade retreated to the village.

Not to be out done the French launch their cavalry against the Austrian left.
It bounces harmfully off the Austrian infantry square.
(after I checked that the Austrians get a +1 bonus to form emergency square)

End of the second turn.
The French are attempting to close in the centre.

End of the third turn.


Counter charge!

Returning victorious Austrian cavalry make another charge,
the hapless French being pinned by the Grenz to their left.

End of the fourth turn, and a very busy turn it was.
The French have reached the hill,
but their left has collapsed.

The Austrian cavalry reforms and charges again.

At this point things went badly for the French and they conceded.

Seems my new Austrians have some real fight in them!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Undead Army for Hordes of the Things

After seeing a game played at the club recently, I wanted to know what I could make up out of my fantasy figures.

We have seven warbands including general, a behemoth, a lurker, a sneaker and some riders.

I'm not very happy with the basing, but this was more to see what I could do.  The skellie bases are perfect for blades and not at all suitable as hordes.  Going warband seemed to be the best compromise.  If I get serious about this army I would make up sabot bases for the sneaker, lurker and the big guy.

I almost have enough dinosaurs to make up another army.  My SAGA Vikings could probably be co opted into something, and I do have a lot of flying dudes...

The problem is that the 60mm forntages are a tad challenging and more so for the other figures I have.

My aim is just to get some use out of my figures, and to have some fun of course.

First challenge was to see if the copy of the rules I have, 2.0, is up to date.  Having compared it to 2.1 it is hard to find any changes.  So that hurdle is cleared!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Hyboria articles that appeared in the December 1978 and January 1979 issues of Military Modelling

I saw in this post that Tiny Tin Man was missing the Hyboria articles that appeared in the December 1978 and January 1979 issues of Military Modelling.  I knew I had these issues and was hopeful of finding them.  I did.  So I scanned them. And posted them here.

World in Flames 42

It has just clicked over to 1943 and the weather has continued bad.  Hurray!

 Not much happening in Europe.
The Axis took a naval but found very little.

Not much happening in Asia either, although the Japanese are all out at sea,
with an invasion of the Philippines expected.

The Chinese are investing in cavalry. It is going to be a slow process, but quicker than infantry (to move not build).

The USSR built three infantry corps, two fighter wings and also some cavalry.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Late War German 75mm Artillery

In researching the Stolberg Corridor campaign I found I needed to have some 75mm batteries for the Germans.  A semi-impulse buy at Tactics and I had these guys.  I was going to go for an urban basing, but decided to keep with what I know.  The only different thing was repurposing some large bases for the artillery.  They had high sides which I whittled down to look consistent with the other bases.

I really like some of the figure poses in this set.

The weapons is the 7.5 cm Infanteriegeschütz 37.

But now I find I need some nebelwerfers!