Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Swedish Regt Sodermanland

Armed with the book "The Army of the Kingdom of Sweden 1802-1814" by W J Rawkins which I was able to smoothly purchase as a PDF, there was no stopping me from finally painting up some of the figures that my friend Richard had given me a few years back.  Seven bags of figures... Will I get them all done?

First up is the Regt Sodmanderland, circa 1807, but at a time when everyone other Regiment seemed to be going to grey uniforms, before going back to blue when Bernadotte took over.  As such this unit is good for the whole period, or so say I.

 As always getting a shade of blue that I am happy with is a challenge.
The flash has made this blue too light.
It is the same blue I used for my recent Portuguese unit, but on a black undercoat.

Taking the photos without flash gives a closer feel for the actual shade.

Very happy with how they have turned out.  The bayonets are very flimsy.  The one tipped red broke altogether and I am hoping the repair job will hold.  All bayonets have been given a few coats of PVA glue to strengthen them.

The flag has been lifted from the book.

All in all these guys have a sunny appearance!


  1. What scale are these in? They look like 15-18mm, but the detail is great, like AB miniatures great.

    1. They are Old Glory 15mm (probably closer to 18mm). They are fairly compatible with AB.

  2. @sun of York, very nice work. Any interest in selling (or trading) a copy of the Rawkins book? I'm paying US$20 a copy in an attempt to build a full collection now that Bill Rawkins has passed away. If interested please contact me at


    1. I am sad to hear that about Bill. I only have the ebook version.

  3. Hi There
    You on facebook?? Just about to start the Swedish corps for Leipzig and wondered if i could pick your brains?

    1. I've sent you a friend's request. We are in the The Napoleonic Wargamer group and a have a mutual Facebook friend in Michael Wright