Friday, June 30, 2017

My ACW Armies

About 40% is my handiwork, the rest was a purchase I made many years ago in preparation for the big move to Perth, to ensure I had enough troops to do a Fire and Fury game if I could find anyone interested.  

There are many different figure manufacturers represented, but mainly Old Glory and ABs.  The mix is deliberate (and is also reflected in my Napoleonic armies) and was in reaction to being "locked-in" to the Tin Soldier range for my ancients armies.

The Union have 142 infantry, 8 cavalry, 6 dismounted cavalry bases, 2 horse holders, 
21 guns plus 1 spare crew, 10 limbers, 2 Corps commanders, 5 Division commanders, 24 markers and 2 wagons.
That's over 500 figures.

20 dual purpose markers and a bit of terrain, plus all those tents from the Shiloh game.
I need to make some of the iconic snake rail fences.

The Confederates have 119 infantry, 22 cavalry, 18 dismounted cavalry bases, 4 horse holders, 
18 guns (and I see 9 guns still need painting) plus 5 spare crew, 5 limbers, 2 Corps commanders, 
6 Division commanders, and 28 markers.
That's 500 figures.

The purchased component is the bulk of the ones with static grass as their basing, but I have since used this for a few that I have done.

And of course, just when I thought I had accounted for all things ACW I find these:

The half painted figures are mine, the others a gift from Simon.

Clearly I am doing too much counting and not enough painting.

War Between The States - Games Turns 121 to 128

Excitement in The West.

Slim pickings indeed.

For both sides.

Sherman realises he cannot make any further headway against Jackson, 
after the Confederates pull in yet more reinforcements from Memphis..

So let's go to Memphis...

Lee sends Cleburne to threaten Butler.

In the Gulf, sieges continue.

Memphis is now besieged by Sherman. 
The Confederates have their eyes on relieving Nashville.

For the 11/63 cycle the initiative chits for the Union had been 1, 1, 4, 2 against a steady 3 for the Confederates.  Losses were 24 for the Union and 26 for the Confederates.  It was that 4 chit that allowed Sherman to Memphis before the Confederates could react.

Running out of men.

Both sides are running out.

The Eastern theatre is fairly quiet.
The Union are outnumbered, out generalled and on the defensive having to cover Washington.
The Reb look like taking back control of the Shenandoah Valley
 and that will put further pressure on the Union

Very quiet.

The Gulf is also static

But in The West is where the action is.
The Union capture Memphis, while the Confederates relieve Nashville.

Sherman follows up his success and takes Jackson, but the losses are horrific!

Sherman will need to join up with the Union forces that are in front of Nashville.

For the 12/63 cycle the initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 1, 2, 2 against a steady 3 for the Confederates.  Losses were 42 for the Union and 33 for the Confederates.  The big difference is Sherman's assaults on Memphis and the disaster at Jackson.  

Both sides have plenty of supplies.  The Confederates have trouble moving theirs about, but the Union blockade (and I had nearly all their ports at one stage) does not seem to produce any real benefit.  This is possibly due to poor game play on my part and I'm looking forward to playing this game solo using Vassal.  I will be using the latest map and rules and therefore thinks will be different.  Also, given the ease of set up with Vassal, I can have a play with all the optional rules as well.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ACW Lead Mountain

Well, mostly ACW, but also a bit of Pony Wars, Plain's Wars and general Western mayhem.

Essex dismounted cavalry, 10 in kepi, 12 in hats including command.

Essex mounted, 8 in kepi, 12 in hats, not command 
and some other brand, 8 riders, 4 horses
horses that would be good for horse holders.

Peter Pig Range 15 "Western" packs 15, 67 and 77;
Range 21 packs 5 and 28.

Ten cattle

Seventeen townsfolk

Forty two gunfighters

Forty two riders

Forty one horses

Twenty dead townsfolk, gunfighters etc


Indian casualties, wagon, scouts and pony express.
The Stone Mountain packs I purchased in 1992 
from Brookhurst Hobbies when I was in California on holidays.

Sutler's wagon by Blue Moon

Two wheeled ambulance.
Both these Blue Moon packs were purchased last year.

Thirteen Old Glory ACW command.

Twenty six Old Glory Confederates

Fifteen Old Glory Union.

Twenty Old Glory Confederates

Fourteen Old Glory Union

Thirty nine Old Glory casualties

My next task is to do a review of my ACW armies.

Pony Wars

That last post was getting me down and it has been necessary to come down from the mountains of unpainted figures to the fertile green valley of painted miniatures.

From memory there is a companion set called Tie A Yellow Ribbon...

The Indians are coming!
Three homesteads and some mounted/dismounted figures to defend them.

A good swarm of Indians and burned down homesteads.

Buffalo may safely graze.

These have been undercoated and waiting to be painted for decades.

It's just a thought, but maybe I could do Songs of Blades and Heroes with these guys...

Pony Wars Plastic Mountain

Now these are beautiful figures.

My problem is that I started collecting figures for Pony Wars using 15mm.  My friend Myron had a big collection and I just intended to supplement his.  Not going to happen as he has moved on to the great big happy hunting grounds.

But I did paint up some of the buffalos as they seemed to have a possibility for 15mm...