Thursday, June 15, 2017

Songs of Goblin Heroes

This week at the club I took my goblins out into an alien landscape.  To meet me were some skellies under the command of Stephen N and a slow bunch orcs lead by Brynden.

My five goblins were heroes, Q4, C3 but with one automatic success.
They were aided by a ghost Q4, C1 and a bug Q3, C4.

The skellies were a mix of iron men Q3, C3, ordinary skellies Q3, C2 and mounted Q4, C3.

The orcs included two tough orcs.  All Q4, C3.

Skellies rush in.

And come to a sticky end.

The orcs are not rushing anywhere.

The body count mounts, with the goblins taking out three skellies for no loss.

The orcs are coming (not).

The bug is dead and the skellies pet dog is in trouble.
The ghost is just about to give it up.

And still the orcs are yet to enter the fighting.

Hero goblins are, well, heros.

Orcs are still a long way away.

Goblins clean up the last skellie.

The thin green line.


Get a move on! 

The goblins go to meet them.

A goblin hero dies a hero's death.

But orcs die too...

There are a few of them though...

Another goblin down, but the orcs look to be in trouble.

However there are more dead goblins than alive and so they do the goblin thing and flee.

Heaps of fun as always.

Having just checked the rules, if a figure is knocked down it still counts for outnumbering and does not give a free disengage.  We thought this was a bit harsh, but having read the rules I understand better what "knocked down" means in the context of the game.

Recoil always seems to be a gift to the recoiler and I think we should use the optional follow up rule next time and perhaps also pay more attention to figure placement when surrounding an enemy (i.e. not leaving any gap they can recoil through).


  1. What people wont realize is this game was fought over two weeks with the orcs arriving late on day fourteen.