Thursday, June 8, 2017

Return to the Wood

Last night at the club my skeletons returned to the wood, hoping not to be pestered by any annoying canines.  They were in luck, kind of...

Ten skellies go for a walk.
Around now they are thinking WTF?

It is a lesser demon.
Or perhaps a petit démon, although I recall Olivier's translation as démon mineur

There are three of them.
If my skellies spoke French they might have said "Il y en a trois"
especially if they had access to Google translate.

Skellies attack!

So, we knew they were huge (which gives them a +1 in combat)
but they can also fly which gives them a free disengage.

Their basic factors are Q4 C3 compared to the skellies Q3 C2
But it was the skellies failing their quality checks after finally getting the demons surrounded.

But they kept trying.
The demons inspire terror that means the skellies have to take a quality test before going into contact.

Oh, and the demons have magic.
One skellie is blasted into dust.

Maybe an axe will work?

One demon down.

Two to go.

Get em surrounded...

Keep at it.

And victory will come.

Close to death for the last demon...

But he gets up, flies off and attacks.

However he met the fate of his companions.  Three dead demons to two skellies lost.

The demons came in at 90 points and with skellies being only 26 points, their numbers were able to make a difference.

Lots of fun as always with these rules and great to see Olivier's latest creations in action.  

The demons are organic and native to Australia.

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