Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ACW Lead Mountain

Well, mostly ACW, but also a bit of Pony Wars, Plain's Wars and general Western mayhem.

Essex dismounted cavalry, 10 in kepi, 12 in hats including command.

Essex mounted, 8 in kepi, 12 in hats, not command 
and some other brand, 8 riders, 4 horses
horses that would be good for horse holders.

Peter Pig Range 15 "Western" packs 15, 67 and 77;
Range 21 packs 5 and 28.

Ten cattle

Seventeen townsfolk

Forty two gunfighters

Forty two riders

Forty one horses

Twenty dead townsfolk, gunfighters etc


Indian casualties, wagon, scouts and pony express.
The Stone Mountain packs I purchased in 1992 
from Brookhurst Hobbies when I was in California on holidays.

Sutler's wagon by Blue Moon

Two wheeled ambulance.
Both these Blue Moon packs were purchased last year.

Thirteen Old Glory ACW command.

Twenty six Old Glory Confederates

Fifteen Old Glory Union.

Twenty Old Glory Confederates

Fourteen Old Glory Union

Thirty nine Old Glory casualties

My next task is to do a review of my ACW armies.

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