Tuesday, June 27, 2017

War Between The States - Games Turns 113 to 120

A further two bloody, indecisive cycles were completed on Monday.

Some good Union reinforcements coming up.

Not so much for the Confederates.

But it was all action as Lee headed North.

This caused the Union to pull Rosencrans back to defend Washington,
Which gave the Confederates a chance to retake one of their ports.

And while McPherson has New Orleans besieged, 
the Confederates look like retaking Pensacola.

In The West Sherman keeps attacking Jackson,
and Sedgewick strikes south.

Lee pulls back after mauling the Union forces,
who had made a desperate defence of Baltimore.

The initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 6, 7, 2 against a steady 5 for the Confederates.  Losses were 33 for the Union and 44 for the Confederates.  The difference was mainly due to a big Confederate loss in storming one of the besieged ports.

Running out of men.

The South too.

Lee has pulled well back to reinforce his army,
using 22.7 Special Confederate Replacement Rule,
that allows Confederate divisions to absorb two points each of garrison factors
as replacements.

No wonder the Confederates are not running out of supplies or manpower with this ability.

Sedgewick's offensive was short lived.  While successful, 
he had to send troops to support Sherman's war of attrition at Jackson.

Down in the Gulf sieges are the go.

The initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 6, 7, 4 against a steady 5 for the Confederates.  Losses were 28 for the Union and 21 for the Confederates.  Sherman suffered an horrendous 20% loss in one of his battles that caused the big difference in losses and also put a brake on the Union offensive in the West.  As the reinforcements had all gone to the Eastern Theatre, the Confederates had a strategic win with Lee's offensive.

Is Lee in a position to repeat his invasion of Maryland?


  1. Lee's invasions were, I believe, in the nature of large scale raids. Lee's offensive as described in this game seems to exhibit the same features: brevity!

    1. Excellent observation.

      While the potential did exist for inflicting serious damage on the Union, in the game Lee needed to pull back to get reinforcements. He was doing okay for supplies, but it was an area of risk, as was the possibility of getting surrounded by the Union forces.

      It was all a bit nerve wracking!