Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ACW Plastic Mountain

While I'm very fond of these Airfix figures, I fear they will reside on plastic mountain forever.

US Cavalry that sadly had a different sculpture to the other sets.
Some of these had served me as Scots Greys in the 1970s.

Red Indians as they were then.  Native Americans now.

Union and Confederates.
A few have been painted and can be seen here:

Wagon Train and ACW artillery.
If only I could think of a purpose I would like to paint up some of the wagon set. 

From the 1970s
Busby by plasticine
Even experimented carver belgic shakos on two by the looks of things.


  1. It is sad to see such fine figures go to waste. The wagons, by the way, can be used as logistics elements for just about any period you like, so long as the drivers remain fairly nondescript...

    1. Yes, plastic and lead mountains often engender a degree of sadness. This one is tinged with nostalgia.

      I thought I had used a wagon as supply unit for one of my WW2 units. It's not with these chaps,, although they need one. The wagons, or rather limbers, they do have are repurposed Airfix WW1 RHA limbers.

  2. Those German units (I looked up the link) look like just the thing for the Command Decision rule set. I liked the 7.5cm liG - I scratchbuilt a couple of those entirely, including the wheels, out of cardboard and balsa. My more successful scratchbuilds, I like to think...

  3. You are spot on re Command Decision. The 7.5s are scratchbuilt, but I've no idea how I did them, but not cardboard or balsa. Do you have post re yours?

  4. These groups seem to be perfect for a campaign. First the Indians attack the wagon train, the cavalry try to intervene and get beaten, and finally the infantry arrive to sort everything out. Well at least from the colonists' point of view.

    1. You are so right, see my follow up post on Pony Wars.

      My big failure however is that I have a horrid mix of 15mm and 1/72nd.

  5. I think the ANF might make you an offer for the ACW figures: we are planning 1/72 ACW battles over the next couple of years for sure!