Thursday, June 22, 2017

Legions of Mars - Adversaries

A bit of history here...

Box lid


The booklet

Back of the box.

Around 1989 my friend Myron gave me this boxed set as a gift.  I think he felt I could put it towards my Barsoom project.  Being a stickler for accuracy I put them aside.

A few years back, my wargames club had a Kris Kringle and I contributed these as I felt they weren't going to ever get painted.  The following year I got them back at the next Kris Kringle.  I took that as a sign.  Since then they have taken on a new meaning as Myron died in a car accident.  So it goes.

Still not painted...

While playing Ligny last Saturday, Craig is talking to Simon about some latest find/purchase which includes guys mounted on parrots or something.  He has no idea what they are.  No one else does.

I go over and have a look and admire the flying guys and the mounted guys and then... Hey, I recognise that figure.  Yep, at least some of them were from the Space 1889 range.

So, perhaps these figures have taken a little step forward.

What really perplexes me is how to handle radium rifles in a basically sword fighting game.  That has been the real block.


  1. Think Sword and the Flame. The Martians are just more troublesome native tribe(s) to conquer for Her Majesty. I have 3 boxes I have based coated that I now need to paint.

    1. I have friends that gamee in that period, but it has not been an area of interest for me (well, not enough for me to invest in an army yet).

      Good luck with painting your minis, I'm sure they will be done before I get these finished.

  2. Maybe you could remove the radium rifle--IIRC, back in those days figures were made from a fairly soft lead mix, so that might not be too difficult. You could then replace it an arquebus or medieval "handgonne". I'm sure someone sells them (I don't know who, however--sorry!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. I shouldn't let it worry me. The figures I will paint up as is (if I ever do paint them). They would serve as a Songs of Blades and Heroes force that does have ranged weapons.

      There are some nice Barsoom figures around. I have some old ones and some new ones, but only a Plant Man painted (and that was years ago and easy as he's just blue).

    2. These aren't Barsoomians with Radium Rifles: They already have flintlock muskets. That's not the problem. The problem is that they have guns at all, and in Barsoom that means they ARE radium Rifles.

    3. I've never been that happy trying to juxtapose Radium Rifles with the swords which seem to be the honourable Barsoom weapon. I will be interested to see how it is handled in the new John Carter RPG.

  3. takes me back. I've long thought the victorian sci-fi stuff interesting... just not interesting enough to get into. OOOOOOOOO-LAAAAAAAA!