Sunday, July 21, 2024

Pyrrhic Campaign - Turn Two

For the previous turn and background see here:

Since our first game I had done some work on translating talents to armies, the Reinforcement Table and the General Traits Table (I will put them in at the end of the post).  But on with the campaign!

First the Romans told their Carthaginian friends to seize Syracuse.  They promptly tried and tried and tried and failed and failed and failed.

Meanwhile Pyrrhus was subduing a lot of the Italians south of Capua.  The Roman Second Consul, Deuxus, who should have been doing the same, took it into his head to put an end to this by marching and marching (on an empty stomach I may add) to confront the invaders at Maleventum, in a pincher move via Corfinium and Bovianum.  That part of the plan worked out well.  He failed to appreciate that the Greek army might be a tad bigger (as he had the slightly smaller Roman army, but only by one skirmisher unit), but he was confident friends would join him.  They didn't.  He was also confident that Pyrrhus, the harsh administrator, would have no friends at all. Quiet the reverse, they flocked to join him (giving the Greeks an extra four units).

Well, this would test the rules in seeing how disparate sized forces faired.  As the Romans were the attackers, they were made the invaders although in thinking about it now, probably should have still rolled for scouting.  It also strikes me that some more innovative Ace in the Hole cards could be created for a campaign game, but I digress.

The forces don't look that different in size, but the Romans are stretched thin.

The Romans advance, but the Greeks stay put, except for their right flank where Pyrrhus leads.

The Romans send one unit of Triarii to help on their left flank.
They have set themselves up for a masterful counter stroke,
if they can get the initiative.

Oh dear, the Greeks move first.
As an aside, the Romans never got the initiative in any of the game's turns.

But all is not lost.
Pyrrhus has taken some casualties.
The elephants are held thanks to the Triarii's long spears.
And on the Roman right a unit of skirmishers holds off some of those Italian friends of the Greeks.

Finally, the Roman legions have closed with the Greeks.

It was looking promising, but those impetuous Guals went straight through Deuxus' legion,
including the consul!

The Triarrii are still fighting, but the Romans are done for.

But it gets worse, a lot worse.  The campaign rules allow for routed units to return.  For the victor this is a roll of 4 to 10, for the defeated a roll of 6 to 10.  The Romans had lost six units.  They recovered only one.  The Greeks, who had some losses, recovered all their units.

The Romans retreat to Capua joining the other army.  The campaign rules don't cover rules for retreating or for recombining armies.  Consequently, the Romans do nothing but sulk for the rest of the campaign season.
The final situation.  The Greeks now have eight cities, double what they started with.


All armies get the general's unit and one S unit free.
Each unit then costs one Talent
These are selected from the standard list.
Then units can be swapped for options

In selecting units, every unit has to be selected at least once, before duplicates can be made.

After allocating options, an army cannot have less than seven units, which would represent a 5 Talent expenditure.

Armies with 12 or more units have a movement penalty

Additional uses for Talents available to the Romans or Greeks:
One Talent can be spent on bribes to provide a plus one on a Diplomacy roll
One Talent can be spent on siege equipment to provide a plus one on a siege roll
One Talent can be spent to strengthen a city (a minus one on any enemy siege roll)

Such additions must be allocated to a General or to a nominated city (which can be kept secret, but must be friendly/allied)

Reinforcement Table

General Trait Table

Friday, July 19, 2024

Dacians versus Early Imperial Romans

An historical game pitting my Dacians against John's Romans.

Deployment featured an impassable lake, a wood and a patch of difficult ground.

Dacians advance and Romans screen their front with skirmishers.

Of course, Dacian skirmishers are busy screening and possibly screaming too.

First contact.

Calm before the storm.

The surge!
The Roman line holds.

But the fighting prowess of the Dacians (and lucky dice)
start to break the Roman line.

And it crumbles.
Victory to the Dacians.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Brunswick Light Cavalry

Some rescued figures now painted which fill a hole in my 15mm collection.

And just for comparison, here is the same formation in 6mm

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Imperial Struggle IV - Part One

Now that we have got the hang of this game and some of the strategies, it is taking a bit longer to play.  

France has a lead in Europe 13 to 6 and in the Carribean 12 to 10.
England leads in India 11 to 6 and North America 7 to 6.

There are three turns left.

A comment from Richard:

Certainly, a lot more of a tussle this time, but I think with your big lead in Europe and being ahead in the Caribbean with control of the Pirate spaces allowing you to place conflict markers should mean that you can try and concentrate on getting India back up and running. I'm amazed you managed to salvage your position there, although it was a costly 6 VPs and a 4 Fort.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Imperial Struggle III

In our third game Richard's Great Britan was again foiled by France.

We had corrected our previous faux pas, but the challenge with this game is managing the economic, military and diplomatic resources, keeping track of global demand for goods, trying to dominate regions and win the many wars.  All these things produce varying benefits and VPs.

England had a strong lead in India, but France was marginally ahead in the other three regions.

The other fun part of this game is managing debt.  Going over your debt limit gives the other side VPs.  VPs only accumulate in ones or twos, but as only 15 are need from the starting position, everyone counts.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Barbarossa Revisited - GT 5

This turn marks the end of June 1941.  It also brings to an end most of the special invasion rules.

The Battle of Riga has commenced, and the Courland peninsula has been cut off.
The railway will soon reach Riga.

AGN has captured Kaunas, but there is no railway line yet to allow them to proceed to their next objective.

Which is Pskov where the Soviets are building a defensive position

AGC has surrounded Vilnius and have a railway line almost there.

The main body of AGC heading for Minsk.
The rail line is well advanced but will slow considerably when it reaches Belorussia.

Minsk, where the Soviets are waiting.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Nimitiz - Second Game

I was in command of two IJN cruisers.  One was sunk, but the other got a devastating torpedo hit on a USN cruiser.

IJN squadron spots the USN

IJN cruisers turn towards the enemy

Nimitiz's mechanics are different, but simple and once you get the hang of them the game plays quickly.

There is lots of potential.

Barbarossa Revisited - GT 4

Again, no attack possibilities for the Soviet, more due to their units being eliminated!  Thay have nothing to attack with!

Not a perfect alignment,
but Soviet concentrations at Pskov and Minsk can be seen.

Riga is not well defended, but AGN have a long way to go to Pskov.  AGC is better placed to take Minsk and the Soviets will have to be careful not to get surrounded.

Monday, July 8, 2024

The Leak - Not About Wargames

So, I have a studio where I used to do my painting.  This was lost to me when my partner took long service leave and decided it needed painting.  It did and it has been done.  

However, she then has the idea that it would make a good guest room, sleep out, or granny flat.  It would.  Not that we really need such a thing.  

But what about me?

No problem.  I could have the front room...

Around this time our daughter moved out.  I had always had my eye on her room for a wargames room.  My partner had other ideas.

But first she decided the floors needed sanding and polishing.  They did and I went and compounded things by saying the front four rooms needing doing along with the hallway (this represents the old part of our house).

So, we embarked on that project. It's a nightmare moving all the furniture and possessions (mainly books) into the rest of the house, but, yeah, it will help motivate us to declutter.  The "us" being mainly me.

Anyway, halfway through the sanding of the front room, the guy doing the work calls me in.

A true WTF moment.

Well, it could have been one of our dogs sneaking in to the christen the floor, but no, they were safely secured out back.

I was raining... A rare occurrence.

Now, we had noticed a bit of peeling paint on the ceiling.  It had been there a while and I just attributed it to flawed workmanship as we have other examples where previous walls had not been properly sealed etc.  Grabbing a ladder, I clambered up to investigate.  Peeling off the patch the fabric of the ceiling was revealed.

Could be worse.

Floor polishing interruptus, I called the insurance company.  A few days later an assessor came out.  He used a drone to check out the roof.  No observable damage.  The ceiling repair was covered, but not the cause.  Great.  I had expected as much and now the challenge fell to me.

Into the roof cavity I ventured.  Cramped, dusty, dangerous and no fun.  I was also not optimistic that I would actually find the cause of the leak.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words.

What I found was a hole through one of the insulation batts directly above the damage to the ceiling.  Strangely it was nice and dry.  Twisting round and looking up...

The crack

Well, this was good news.  It was a tile that had been previously repaired.  I assumed that a small amount of rain had found its way through over the years.  All I had to do was crawl out, get some filler, crawl back in and do a repair.

The sunny outside

That done I thought, maybe I should go on the roof and do some filling from the other side.  Nice and dangerous getting on the roof, but at least clean and not a confined space.  There are a few repaired tiles as can be seen, but the one causing the grief is hidden under the solar panel.

Case closed.

Of course, now the room has to be repainted which will delay occupation.  Luckily, I had reclaimed a bit of the studio and have been slowly progressing some hobby work.

Better still we didn't take up the insurance offer and I did the repair myself with the plaster I use for basing miniatures.  However, dust removal and painting will take a while, but looking on the bright side, it's a bonding exercise for my partner and myself.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Nimitz - First Game

 Five players:  two for the IJN and 3 for the USN.  Simon's hand-crafted models.

USN cruisers setting off

IJN cruisers spotted in the distance


Damning the torpedoes.

As a learning exercise it was perfect for the basic game.  The mechanics, while taking a little bit to get used to, work well and are easy to handle.  The tricky thing is checking firing and target arcs, and a potential solution exists which I am calling bow ties - small clear bases to place under the centre of the model to provide a visual for the arcs.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Barbarossa Revisited - GT 3

Still no attack opportunities for the Soviets.  The focus has been on defending the approach routes to Riga, Kaunas, Vilnius and Minsk.

The Axis are still a few days from Riga, but Kaunas is under attack.

AGC still has a long way to go to get to Vilnius and Minsk.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Imperial Struggle Again

This time, still playing France, I won in two turns.  Wait a minute.  Giving the initiative to the player leading in VP seems a significant benefit.  Oh dear.  We made a mistake.  Still, it was a quick game, and a quick game is a good game.

So now we will play again, with a new improved understanding of the rules.

Monday, July 1, 2024

ACW Rail Fences by Leadbear's Tufts

I have a plan to make fences, or rather more fences, for my ACW collection, particularly those distinctive to the period.  However, it is a project that is yet to get underway apart from collecting materials.  It might have happened had my partner not taken long service leave and decided to redecorate my studio.  It needed doing so can't argue, not that I would dream of arguing with her, but it did mean that the chances of progressing that project were close to the chance of Rish! getting reelected, Trump telling the truth and Australia having seven operational nuclear power plants by 2035.

Leadbear to the rescue. I think I might have mentioned previously that some of the floral tufts I have used, particularly with my Byzantines, are from Leadbear's Tufts.  In a bit of serendipity, I saw a post from Leadbear on Facebook offering some ACW rail fences for sale.  As it was my birthday, I thought they would make a wonderful present for ma belle-mère (excuse my French) to give me.  And so, it came to pass...

Rail fences pictured with some of my figures - perfect for 15mm.

The complete package.
Very happy!

Here is a link to Leadbear's FB page: