Saturday, February 2, 2013

More bocage, a field and a lone Highlander

Around Christmas I completed 2.4 metres of bocage.  It doesn’t go very far and so i plan to do another 2.4 metres.
I wasn’t happy with the photo, realising I needed some fields so I had a bit of the cardboard that comes with boxed chocolates in my terrain box and decided to fix that up.  Of course it warped when I glued it to a solid piece of cardboard, but I was ready for that and after a bit of bending I smeared glue on the bottom side and that seems to have fixed it.

While I was doing the bocage I also made up some stone walls (kitty litter glued onto a pop stick) and these, along with the sheep (six bases which I used for my DBM/DBA camps) pretending to be another field (maybe a meadow) are featured in the photos.

Recently I had read a post about a flaw with the mounted officer in the Airfix Napoleonic Highlanders set.  The rear belt is not moulded on the figure.  As I didn’t recall this I dug up the figure I had painted and sure enough, I had painted on the belt to cover up.  I painted this figure in the early 1970s (forty years ago) so no wonder I didn’t remember the flaw.  I was just glad to see I had compensated for it.

Anyway, here he is, front and back, lost somewhere in the bocage in France.

Prussian Blues

For Christmas I received some of the new Fantassin Prussian Grenadiers.  I particularly wanted the figures to have the distinctive monstrous plume and had been putting off raising a grenadier unit as the figures I came across, while looking good, were always in campaign dress.  With my new figures I thought I would also treat myself to a new Prussian Blue and got the Vallejo colour 70965.  I was happy with the first few figures I painted, but then worried that the blue was too bright and not as dark as I wanted.  So I went back to Humbrol’s Prussian Blue colour 5077. 

I over painted a few figures and painted a few more.  The result looked good.

When I came back the next day I couldn’t tell the difference.  Doh!

Of course now I have taken a photograph I can see a difference.  The wounded officer on the far left is the Humbrol Prussian Blue over painted on the Vallejo.  But as to the other two figures... 
What the camera captures and the computer displays are not necessarily how the colour appears to the naked eye, especially taking into account the light (and it is hot and sunny where I am).