Sunday, August 30, 2020

Potential Repurposing Of Some Old Figures

Before I got into 15mm Napoleonics and Napoleon's Battles I dabbled with 6mm and Empire, but before that it was 20mm Airix and a few 25mm metals that I first used for the Bruce Quarrie rules.  That collection of 20/25mm figures has been added to, but apart from a few outings for Shako and Songs of Blades and Heroes they have largely languished, based for Napoleon's Battles, but unlikely to ever take the field.

When I was setting up my latest Napoleon's Battles game for Corunna, Darren mentioned "Had I seen the Snappy Nappy rules?"  Putting thoughts of card games aside I said no.  Subsequently doing some research (and thanks to James from the ANF for his help in this) I found enough information to get interested.  Basically what I am after is a set of rules to give a quick simple, but high level, game of Napoleonics on a club night.

I borrowed Darren's copy of the rules (they seem very hard to find) and a read through had me inspired enough to look at figure requirements.  My 15mm collection could be used, but the Napoleon's Battles basing is quiet at odds with Snappy Nappy, particularly in relation to base depth.  With a bit of experience this might not be an issue.  However my 20/25mm collection, especially some figures I had based for Shako and Songs of Blades and Heroes, might just be perfect.

In going through my figures I found this unit:

 12BrLN in NB speak and in my collection as F22.

 They are actually castings from Prince August (503 is the mould) 
and there are three Minifigs: BN21 (standard bearer), BN 72 (officer) and BN74 (sergeant),
in there as well.

 A day later and they have been rebased to provide four stands for Snappy Nappy.

Which provides for two units, in column on the left and in line on the right.
As a stand is 2,000 men so a bit of suspension of disbelief is required,
but it means a large army can easily be provided from minimal figures.

Next is to try a practice game.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Carthaginians versus Nikephorian Byzantine

In his first game using Impetus, Drew took my Byzantines into the field against my Carthaginians.

There is difficult terrain on the right 
and a large patch of swamp covered in noxious yellow weed creating an impassable area on the left.

The Byzantines hold their position, 
but send their light cavalry to meet the Numidians.
The Carthaginians advance behind their skirmishers.

The two armies are still positioning for advantage.

The light cavalry are now engaged in a long drawn out struggle 
(meaning many turns of both sides rolling no hits).
The Carthaginian skirmish screen is starting to fray.

Real close now...

A very successful cavalry charge by the Byzantines has smashed the Carthaginian left.
The Byzantine light cavalry have also ultimately been successful.

However the Carthaginian infantry in the centre is trying hard against the Byzantine foot.

But the Byzantine foot prevail.
The Carthaginian army morale is broken.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Holland'44 - 3Q20 - Turns 12 to 13

Only managed two turns due to time constraints.

 The morning turn was overcast, so no paratroop reinforcements.
The Germans have been able to cross over the railroad bridge west of Arnhem,
which makes up for the loss of the ferry east of Arnhem (top map edge).

 Allies closing in on the two victory towns on the eastern/right flank.

 And battling for the remaining victory city on the western/left flank.

 The afternoon saw US paras drop into the Betuwe with mixed results.

 The assault on this city will be a long process.

 But the Allies look like they have cleared the way
 to the other two victory locations on the other side.

 Fighting continues south west of Arnhem.
The Allies might be planning another crossing using their engineers
to create another ferry across the Waal.

The remaining German presence on the left flank is still holding out.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

World in Flames 49

Well, at least the turn ended.

 The Caucasus looks stable, there is still a residual Gomel pocket, 
Sevastopol has been reinforced as has Leningrad (the latter by both sides) 
and there is now Rostov.

 The Allies made a spectacular gain in Algeria capturing the capital, 
but as the Axis won the initiative their ability to fully exploit is limited.

 Norway will be the scene of some intense fighting in the coming July/August turn.

 Siberia is in a bad shape.  
The main river line has been smashed and the Soviets are going to be reduced to holding cities.
There is also a significant, but mixed, Axis presence in the Middle East.

Nationalist Chinese forces undergoing the long march back to the front.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Basic Impetus Interpenetration Example

UPDATE: This has been giving me trouble still, but in reading the reply to my post again I have now found out what my problem is.  Phew.  Units that are being interpenetrated in a retreat have the option of being pushed back or moving forward.

These images are for a post I made to the Impetus forum.

NO!  The skirmishers could have been pushed back.   
This can include either pushing back the infantry as well 
or having the skirmishers pass through.


"In this case you can choose between push back both Infantry and Skirmishers (both disordered) or let the Skirmishers (only) be interpenetrated by foot and maybe cavalry (if cavalry goes back enough to touch the S. Still your choice.)"

Swedish Artillery

 One heavy, corps battery, flanked by two horse batteries.

 These are for Bernadotte's Army of the North in 1813.

A simple paint job, 
but I am happy how they have turned out.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Scots Common Army

On Friday my Byzantines took on Mark Woods' Scots.  This took place on my new hand made desert hex mat, maybe a bit out of context, but it was ready to use.

We are on a 6x4 rather than the 4x3, but constrained ourselves to just use the central portion.
The Scots deployed first so the Byzantines are using that to their advantage.

 The Byzantine skirmishers and light cavalry are rushing forward.
It is essential to screen my legions from the Scot's artillery.

 The Scots pikes are down off the hill
and on their left the Border light cavalry is moving to head off the Byzantine light cavalry.
The Scots knights are being assailed by slings.

 The light cavalry is engaged.
The Byzantine cavalry is now rushing forward,
but their legions have paused.

 The light cavalry fight continues.
The Byzantine legions decide to shuffle sideways becoming disordered.
Two units or is it "mobs" or perhaps "gatherings" of highlanders are moving behind the Scot's pikes.

 The Byzantine light cavalry has prevailed.
This was Turn 5.

 Now it's getting interesting.
The Byzantine slingers have done an excellent job in screening the legions.

 The destruction of the Scottish nobles.

 The pikes have hit one legion and pushed it back.
The other two are wheeling round.
The Byzantine skirmishers have finally succumbed to cannon fire, 
but have bought time for the cavalry to get in position.

 The left flank legion continues to get hammered.
The highlanders have engaged the Byzantine cavalry in a wild melee.

 The left flank legion has routed, 
but the highlanders are down to half strength.

The highlanders manage to put paid to one unit of Byzantine light cavalry,
before being obliterated by the bow fire of the remaining cavalry.
Seeing this the pikes, in the process of struggling to wheel round to get back into action,
decide the game is up (army morale has broken).

A damn fine game!

Sunday, August 23, 2020

World in Flames 48

The May/June 43 turn continues, mainly because a lot of the action is complex.  But as Mike says in his FB write-up, the Axis and Soviets want short turns, the US and Commonwealth long ones.

Disaster in Siberia.  
A lucky German groundstrike followed by a lucky German attack broke the river line.  
Another turn allowed them to smash the river line.

 China is relatively stable as Japanese forces are now heading to India.

The Soviet attempt a breakout from Leningrad.  
At least it has attracted a number of Axis units to head there.

 After a total debacle in the Black Sea,
 which saw the Soviet air force wiped out for no loss to the Axis, 
Rostov is miraculously hanging on.

 But for the Soviets the real interest and hope, 
is in the Allied landings in Norway.

The cumulative losses so far in this Turn.
Enough to make you cry.