Friday, June 30, 2017

My ACW Armies

About 40% is my handiwork, the rest was a purchase I made many years ago in preparation for the big move to Perth, to ensure I had enough troops to do a Fire and Fury game if I could find anyone interested.  

There are many different figure manufacturers represented, but mainly Old Glory and ABs.  The mix is deliberate (and is also reflected in my Napoleonic armies) and was in reaction to being "locked-in" to the Tin Soldier range for my ancients armies.

The Union have 142 infantry, 8 cavalry, 6 dismounted cavalry bases, 2 horse holders, 
21 guns plus 1 spare crew, 10 limbers, 2 Corps commanders, 5 Division commanders, 24 markers and 2 wagons.
That's over 500 figures.

20 dual purpose markers and a bit of terrain, plus all those tents from the Shiloh game.
I need to make some of the iconic snake rail fences.

The Confederates have 119 infantry, 22 cavalry, 18 dismounted cavalry bases, 4 horse holders, 
18 guns (and I see 9 guns still need painting) plus 5 spare crew, 5 limbers, 2 Corps commanders, 
6 Division commanders, and 28 markers.
That's 500 figures.

The purchased component is the bulk of the ones with static grass as their basing, but I have since used this for a few that I have done.

And of course, just when I thought I had accounted for all things ACW I find these:

The half painted figures are mine, the others a gift from Simon.

Clearly I am doing too much counting and not enough painting.


  1. What a great little collection! Enough for play, not enough to have become an obsession. Perfect!

    1. Thanks. From my visit to my ACW lead mountain, I've a bit more I can add, but you are right, basically this army/period is done. Now to concentrate on getting in some games.

  2. Very impressive - oddly my own ACW forces are a mixture of AB and Old Glory as well. Irregular Miniatures do some really nice 15mm metal snake fences.

    1. Thanks. The ABs are lovely figures, but the Old Glory have real character. I'll have a look at Irregular Miniatures, but my intention is to DIY the fences.

  3. Count me in! A day in Perth ACW wargaming would be fantastic.....

    1. It will possibly be next NWS games day, which would be a Saturday, date yet to be set. The rules are Fire and Fury brigade.