Sunday, July 19, 2020

Undead Army for Hordes of the Things

After seeing a game played at the club recently, I wanted to know what I could make up out of my fantasy figures.

We have seven warbands including general, a behemoth, a lurker, a sneaker and some riders.

I'm not very happy with the basing, but this was more to see what I could do.  The skellie bases are perfect for blades and not at all suitable as hordes.  Going warband seemed to be the best compromise.  If I get serious about this army I would make up sabot bases for the sneaker, lurker and the big guy.

I almost have enough dinosaurs to make up another army.  My SAGA Vikings could probably be co opted into something, and I do have a lot of flying dudes...

The problem is that the 60mm forntages are a tad challenging and more so for the other figures I have.

My aim is just to get some use out of my figures, and to have some fun of course.

First challenge was to see if the copy of the rules I have, 2.0, is up to date.  Having compared it to 2.1 it is hard to find any changes.  So that hurdle is cleared!


  1. Why not use movement trays? I also have a number of "filler-up" elements to fill up the empty spots in movement trays, such that it gives a nice visual look.
    See here:

  2. Good idea. Sabot bases are much the same thing and can be seen in this post:

    They turned out well with the round bases, once I found a bit that could cut the right sized hole.

    I have a mix of square and round bases. As you suggest, filler elements may help.

    For HotT though my problem is the base width is very small. However my research/investigations are continuing.