Sunday, December 17, 2017

Austerlitz Muster - Part Two

Almost two years ago I posted Part One of this project.  All the French have now been ready for some time, it has just taken a while to catch up with Stephen to see what gaps exist with the Austrians and Russians.  Today we did that.

The Order of Battle is based on Scott Bowden's book.  I might also produce one based on Goetz's book.

 We worked on the Austrains first.
All Stephen's except the 28AsLN in the bottom right hand corner.

 His infantry are pretty close to the right basing for Napoleon's Battles,
the cavalry and artillery (in some cases) less so.

 Buxhowden with the Advance Guard of Column I along with Columns I, II and III.
There are two 8AsLC units that need a few more figures.

A snip of the list.  The third to last column is the number of men or guns and the final column is the number of bases that is then rounded to get the Napoleon's Battles' unit (the ninth column).

 The Advance Guard and the Russian Imperial Guard.

Still have to check the classification of Voropaitzki's cavalry and arrival times of two Austrian batteries.

Liechtenstein with the IV and V Columns.

The other two columns making up the Allied force.  
These big formations are going to be a challenge for them to manage.

We are missing a Supreme Commander base featuring Alexander.  I've just about finished painting up some replacement Austrian batteries and have some Russian Horse Artillery that I am planning to do.

It will only be the cavalry that don't conform to the Napoleon's Battles' basing and movement trays and labels will have to deal with that.


  1. That is a fine, visual OB display. I prefer Goetz for Austerlitz so I will be interested in seeing the differences. A side by side visual comparison would be interesting.

    1. Thanks. I'm keen to see the difference in the Goetz OOB so will probably tackle it pretty soon (curiosity and all that). I've seen some widely divergent OOBs for Austerlitz and therefore I think I will state the source for each OOB variant I come up with rather than try for a blend. Once the terrain can be figured out replaying with a different OOB will be interesting and fairly easy to do.

      LOL the current risk is I'm bored painting yellow artillery for the Austrians, but it's gotta be done.

  2. I remember painting those AB Austrians many, many years ago Mark. Good to see them out again.

    1. Yes, it is always good to get the figures out, return on investment and all that. The only downside is when you calculate the time between gaming with them.

    2. Yes, that can be sobering tally...