Thursday, December 21, 2017

My Vikings need Ullr

Last night Gerry helped me out by playing yet another game of Saga with me in order to complete this leg of the Six by Six challenge.  There is now just one DBA game to go and I intend cashing in my Father's Day present to achieve that.

The Scenario we went with was Clash of Warlords.  Sadly my Vikings were back to their old form.

 My first attack had the advantage, all I needed to get hits were 3s or better.
I lost five men, the dwarvish Scots just two.

 My attempt to get ascendancy on my left was a failure.
However I was happy with overall deployment.

 Then I launched three attacks on the right.
All were beaten off.

 I regrouped ready to attack again.

 I just needed 4s or better...

 In frustration I sent in my berserkers.
It was a bad move but I was sure I would get a few 5's or 6s.
I got one.

Then I was down to my Warlord.  
Luckily I had remembered the Ullr ability that allows my army to reroll misses on the attack dice.

No Warlords were hurt in this engagement, but I went down, 40 to 33.  If my last attack had been a bit more lucky...


  1. Good for you in knocking off one of your 6x6 Challenges!
    Your luck with the die remind me of my own obstacles in die rolling. We might have a fair fight between us!

    1. Normally my die rolling is not too bad, but with these Vikings... In part it is because I bought them have therefore never been sure of their loyalties. I need to test this out with some of the other troops I've bought recently, namely guys that will hopefully get into action early next year in Rommel.

    2. Well, I look forward to next year!

  2. I didn’t attempt the 6 x 6 challenge, good luck on finishing it!

    1. The 6x6 was harder than I expected. I am however impressed by Kaptain Kobold's dedication in running it.