Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thebans attack the Athenians - Six by Six conclusion.

Daughter against father.

In order to complete my Six by Six challenge I had to cash in my Father's Day present, that being that my daughter would play a game with me.  Maybe I should have picked something engrossing like War Between the States or at least Ligny, but no, it had to be DBA. 

I took my old Tin Soldier Hellenistic figures to make two armies, keeping things simple.  Daughter got off to a good start when she asked me if I painted them.  I said yes.  She said she was very impressed.  Hurray, maybe the army will live on after I'm gone.

 The opponent with her helper, Ulysses.
Yes he's a dog, but Gods do those disguise things.

Rather boring linear set up, but DBA 3.0 gives a lot more control over terrain - or not.   
If I recall correctly DBA 2 terrain set up was a bit less restrictive.

 We are closing in, 
employing the modesty blurring for the naked fanatics (Auxilia - Galatians hired by Athens).

The Theban God(dess) giving her troops the victory sign.

 The Gods are meant to look on, not lick on.  Whatever...

I won.
Daughter is claiming the new dice cup is actually a teleport device to transport her camp to safety.

And so finishes 2017 and the Six by Six challenge.  Phew, that was close.  

Nice finish as I started the challenge with a Supplementary Six by Six game of X-Files with my daughter (post).  

I had stretch goals (unrelated to Mark Woods):

  • Hordes of the Things (will count this as a win if I create an army)
  • Faustus Furius
  • Anything John Carter Warlord of Mars related
  • Napoleonic Naval (including Galleys and Galleons)

HotT was almost a win.  Could of done the chariots...  Sigh, John Carter.  But I think I did get in some Napoleonic Naval.

I even set myself some Honourable Mentions:
  • Fire and Fury
  • Blitzkrieg Commander
  • Crossfire
I achieved all three.

But the highlight of the year was none of these, it was playing War Between The States.  Thanks Simon!

Big thanks to Kaptain Kobold for running the Six by Six.  Wouldn't have happened without him.


  1. Great to see your daughter enjoying the game. And well done on completing the 6x6 - the third person (I think) to do so.

  2. You are very lucky to have your daughter humor dad’s “odd little obsession.”

    Congratulations on finishing the 6x6 Challenge. Would you do it again?

    1. Yes, very lucky.

      As for the Six by Six, the answer would be no. I feel I have enough constraints on my gaming without setting myself additional goals that I don't really need. That said, I'm glad I did it - showing solidarity with my fellow bloggers !!! :-)

  3. Damn! I loved my old Tin Solder Macedonians. I had orgotten all about them, but now I'm all nostalgic.

    1. They don't mix in with other figure ranges, but they do have character. They also convert fairly well.

  4. Fun post! 😀
    My daughter wins most of the games we play together. She’s 4, and I don’t let her win. Hopefully when she’s older she’ll still want to play with me.

    1. Thanks.

      We were pressed for time and the armies/setup didn't allow for a lot of finesse and I got the good die rolls. So it goes. Daughter prefers computer games, but there is hope.

  5. Did you find the equivalent ?

    link is broken