Thursday, December 7, 2017

Other Hoplites vs Other Hoplites

Last night Stephen indulged my desire to complete my Six by Six quest by soundly beating one of my Hoplite armies with another of my Hoplite armies.  At least one of my armies won, to quote Mark Woods from our Tuesday game.

 Stephen has the red Hoplites in the distance.

I have some Gauls heroically acting as peltasts.

 Can't focus on everything.

The twisted wrist of the Tin Soldier peltast clearly visible in this shot.

 Twice I almost had the enemy general.

 But things were not going well.

I ended up four down to nil.

We used DBA 3.0 which I'm still coming to terms with.  Not that excuses the woeful performance of one of my armies.


  1. Sometimes, I can't focus on anything!

    1. Often it can be hard to break the flow of a game to take photos, but luckily the people I game with know I'm a blogger and accept and sometimes actually encourage me to take photos. I generally just then leave it up to the camera which seems to know how to take a good photo more than I do. Then generally the only edit is to cut the crap out of the shot.

  2. Is this your fifth or sixth game of DBA for 6x6? If the latter, then I'm missing one somewhere.

    1. Yes, this is the fifth DBA game for me for this year. One more is scheduled, fingers crossed.