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Austerlitz OOB - Comparison of Bowden vs Goetz

I'm probably over doing this, but the comparison is relatively easy to do, and so, why not...


General Bowden Goetz
Grande Armee Napoleon (4) (4)
Imperial Guard Bessieres (2) (2)
Infantry of the Imperial Guard
1st Brigade Hulin  16FrOG 16FrOG
2nd Brigade Soules 16FrOG 16FrOG
3rd Brigade Lecchi - -
Cavalry of the Imperial Guard
1st Brigade Ordener 12FrGHC 12FrGHC
2nd Brigade Morland - -
Artillery of the Imperial Guard
1st Company  FrG8# FrG8#
2nd Company FrG8# FrG8#
Royal Italian Guard ItG8# ItG8#
Grenadiers de la Reserve Oudinot (1) (1)
2nd Brigade Dupas 20FrGN 20FrGN
3rd Brigade Ruffin - -
Duroc (1) (1)
1st Brigade Laplanche 16FrGN 16FrGN
1st Corps Bernadotte (2) (2)
1st Infantry Division Rivaud (1) (1)
1st Brigade Dumoulin 16FrLN 28FrLN
2nd Brigade Pacthod 24FrLN 12FLN
2nd Coy 3rd Reg Fr6# Fr6#
2nd Infantry Division Drouet (1) (1)
1st Brigade Frere 20FrLT 20FrLT
2nd Brigade Werle 28FrLN 28FrLN
3rd Coy 3rd Reg Fr6# Fr6#
3rd Corps Davout (2) (2)
2nd Infantry Division Friant (1) (1)
Advance Guard Bierre 24FrLN 24FrLN
1st Brigade Kister - -
2nd Brigade Lochet - -
1st Coy 5th Reg Fr8# Half Fr8# Half
4th Dragoon Division Bourcier (1) (1)
1st Brigade Laplanche 8FrLC 12FrLC
2nd Brigade Sahuc - 12FrLC
3rd Brigade - -
3rd Coy 2nd Reg Fr8# Half Fr8# Half
4th Corps Soult (2) (2)
1st Infantry Division St Hilaire (1) (1)
1st Brigade Morand 12FrLT 12FrLT
2nd Brigade Thiebault 24FrLN 28FrLN
3rd Brigade Vare 28FrLN 28FrLN
2nd Infantry Division Vandamme (1) (1)
1st Brigade Schiner 12FrLT 12FrLT
2nd Brigade Ferrey 28FrLN 28FrLN
3rd Brigade Candras 24FrLN 28FrLN
3rd Infantry Division Legrand (1) (1)
1st Brigade Merle 20FrLT 16FrLT
2nd Brigade Fery 16FrLN 28FrLN
3rd Brigade Lavasseur 24FrLN 20FrLN
4th Corps Light Cavalry Division Margaron (1) (1)
1st Brigade Margaron 12FrLC 8FrLC
4th Coy 5th Reg Fr8# Fr8#
3rd Dragoon Division Boye (1) (1)
1st Brigade Boye 20FrLC 12FrLC
2nd Brigade Scalfort - 8FrLC
3rd Brigade Milhaud - -
3rd Coy 2nd Reg Fr8# Half Fr8# Half
4th Corps Artillery Reserve
17th & 18th Coy 5th Reg Fr12# Fr12#
5th Corps Lannes (2) (2)
3rd Infantry Division Suchet (1) (1)
1st Brigade Claparede 12FrLT 12FrLT
2nd Brigade Beker 24FrLN 24FrLN
3rd Brigade Valhubert 20FrLN 20FrLN
1st Infantry Division Caffarelli (1) (1)
1st Brigade Demont 20FrLN 20FrLN
2nd Brigade Debilly 20FrLN 20FrLN
3rd Brigade Eppler 12FrLT 12FrLT
2nd Dragoon Division Walther (1) (1)
1st Brigade Sebastini 12FrLC 12FrLC
2nd Brigade Roget - -
3rd Brigade Boussart - -
2nd Coy 2nd Reg Fr8# Half Fr8# Half
Corps des Reserve Cavalerie Murat (2) (2)
1st Heavy Cavalry Division Nansouty (1) (1)
1st Brigade Piston 20FrHC 20FrHC
2nd Brigade La Houssaye - -
3rd Brigade Saint-Germain - -
4th Coy 2nd Reg - Fr6# Half
2nd Heavy Cavalry Division d'Hautpoul (1) (1)
1st Brigade Noirot 16FrHC 12FrHC
2nd Brigade Saint-Sulpice - -
4th Coy 2nd Reg - Fr6# Half
Light Cavalry Brigade Milhaud (1) (1)
1st Brigade Milhaud 8FrLC 8FrLC
1st Corps Light Cavalry Division Kellerman (1) (1)
1st Brigade Van Marisy 16FrLC 8FrLC
2nd Brigade Picard - 8FrLC
1st Coy 3rd Reg Fr6# -
5th Corps Light Cavalry Division Fauconnet (1) -
1st Brigade Treillard 12FrLC 8FrLC
2nd Brigade Fauconnet - -

Nothing too dramatic and a few are just different allocation of regiments to brigades.  As Napoleon's Battles is a brigade level (which includes large three battalion style regiments) ruleset I tend to prefer when adapting actual OOBs to NB to preserve brigade structures where possible.  This has become easier with the 4th Edition that readily caters for small units (less than 16 figure infantry and 12 figure cavalry).  Of course this is something that can be actually configured to the individual figure, but that would mean starting off with loss markers in some cases and there is already plenty of counters and labels to deal with.

The main thing that I might change is the preponderance of half batteries of horse artillery.  Something to test out as well as research in my reading up on the battle.


General Bowden Goetz
Combined Russian and Austrian Army
The Tsar Alexander I (4) (4)
Commander of the I. II. and III. Columns Buxhowden (3) (3)
Commander of the Austrian Contingent Liechtenstein 1 (-) (-)
Advance Guard of the I. Column Kienmayer (1) (1)
1st Brigade Carneville 24AsGZ 20AsGZ
2nd Brigade Stutterhiem 8AsLC 8AsLC
Artillery As6# As6#
Artillery As6# -
3rd Brigade Nostitz 8AsLC 8AsLC
4th Brigade Moritz 8AsLC 8AsLC
I. Column Dokhturov (1) (1)
1st Brigade Lewis 20RsLN 28RsLN
2nd Brigade Urasov 24RsLN 28RsLN
3rd Brigade 16RsLN 28RsLN
Artillery Rs12# Rs12#
Artillery Rs12# Rs12#
Artillery Rs12# Rs12#
Artillery Rs12# Rs12#
II. Column Langeron (1) (1)
Viborg 16RsLN 16RsLN
Kursk 16RsLN 16RsLN
Perm 16RsLN 16RsLN
Fanagoria 16RsGN 16RsGN
Ryazan 16RsLN 16RsLN
III. Column Preobreshensky (1) (1)
1st Brigade Muller III 20RsLN 20RsLN
2nd Brigade Strik 12RsLN 28RsLN
3rd Brigade Loshakov 12RsLN 20RsLN
IV. Column - -
Russians Miloradovich (1) (1)
1st Brigade Berg 12RsGN 12RsGN
2nd Brigade Repninsky 12RsLN 24RsLN
Artillery Rs12# Rs12#
Artillery Rs12# Rs12#
Austrians Kolowrat (1) (1)
Austrian Brigade Rottermund 28AsLN 28AsLN
Austrian Brigade Jurczik 24AsLN 28AsLN
Austrian Brigade 24AsLN -
Artillery As12# As12#
Artillery As12# -
V. Column Liechtenstein (2) (2)
Austrian Cavalry Hohenlohe 2 (1) (1)
1st & 2nd Brigade Caramelli/Weber 12AsHC 12AsHC
Artillery As6# As6#
Russian Cavalry Essen II (1) (1)
1st Brigade Penitzki 12RsLC 12RsLC
Constantine Uhlans - 16RsLC
Cossacks - 12RsCLC
2nd Brigade Uvarov 20RsLC 20RsLC
Elisabetgrad Uhlans - 16RsLC
Cossacks 8RsCLC 8RsLC
Artillery Rs6# Rs6#
Artillery Rs6# Rs6#
Artillery Rs6# Rs6#
Advanced Guard Bagration (1) (1)
1st Brigade Dolgoruky 16RsJG 16RsJG
2nd Brigade Kamensky II 16RsLN 16RsLN
3rd Brigade Engelhardt 28RsLN 16RsLN
4th Brigade Wittgenstein 16RsLC 16RsLC
5th Brigade Voropaitzki 20RsLC 20RsLC
Res Cavalry - 12RsLC
Cossacks Chaplits 12RsCLC 12RsCLC
Artillery Rs6# Rs6#
Artillery Rs6# Rs6#
Artillery As6# -
Artillery As6# -
Russian Imperial Guard Constantine (2) (2)
Infantry of the Guard Maliutin  (1) (1)
1st Brigade Depreradovich 28RsGD 28RsGD
2nd Brigade Lobanov 16RsGD 28RsGD
Cavalry of the Guard Kologrivov  (1) (1)
1st Brigade Jankovich 12RsGLC 12RsGLC
2nd Brigade Depreradovich II 20RsGHC 20RsGHC
Artillery RsG6# RsG6#
Artillery RsG6# RsG6#
Artillery RsG12# RsG12#
Artillery RsG12# RsG12#

Not too strikingly different, but there are four extra cavalry units, and an extra 18 infantry bases.  A few less guns and one Austrian infantry unit excluded.

My preference remains to treat these as two OOBs and hopefully play the game a few times seeing what difference the OOBs make.

The real challenge is getting the terrain determined along with the starting positions etc.

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