Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Napoleonic Austrian Artillery

As part of the Austerlitz project I decided to provide some Austrian artillery, specifically done and based for Napoleon's battles.

 This is what I was able to make out of one packet of Old Glory Austrian artillery.
Four As12# and six As6#, but guns for only six at a time.

 I really enjoyed painting the crew, 
although the artillery pieces themselves were a chore.

 I was concerned that getting a suitable brown for the jacket would be a challenge, 
but was very lucky to immediately hit on VJ Beige Brown 70.875.  
Over it I put a Citadel wash, the same one I use on the flesh.

 The different kit worn by the gunners was a bit tricky until I worked it all out.

 The gunners' seat I've added to the AS6# batteries, 
rather than let them languish in the spares bucket.

 The gun carriages are in Jo Sonja Deep Yellow with a black wash over the top.
The trim is VJ Oily Steel and the barrel Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black.

 I tried something different for the wood, settling on VJ Khaki Grey with a black wash.

So, I was very happy with these guys, hence the amount of photos.

The trouble I had with the guns was holding them to paint.  I ended up sticking one end in a peg and that worked okay, but not perfect.

Next up, Russian Horse Artillery.