Thursday, November 30, 2017

Byzantines take on Sassanids in DBA 3

Desperately trying to complete my Six by Six challenge, Mark B helped me out by fielding his Sassanids. I used my Dark Ages troops and some of my Burgundians to mock up a Byzantine army to take them on. 

 I was the defender (on the left).

 I got a six on the first turn and so decided to shuffle everything around.
At least this meant all the ploughed fields weren't bad going.

 The Sassanids didn't wait will I redeployed and got stuck straight in.
Their attacked wiped out two of my cavalry units.

 But with the next turn I got his elephants, 
although I did lose the unit of blades that had got stuck into the elephants' flank.

Last turn, my knights had success, 
but I lost a unit of Psilo and Light Horse so it was all over (5:2).

My main body of infantry never got to close with the rag tag Sassanid foot (we didn't have the right elements and had to use hordes as Ax and Ps as Bw.)

I'm still transitioning to DBA 3, but we had a quick game which was what was important.

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