Saturday, November 4, 2017

Desert Mat

I view my snap purchase of the custom made desert mat by Lev to be a sound investment for the future.  It is 6x4 and sturdy, subtly marked up in squares for Rommel (or even, dare I say it, To The Strongest).

 What is it?

 Oxford Diecast 11th African Div Sudan 1941 Caunter Scheme Austin Tilly
It is 1/76th scale, but so cute I couldn't resist.

Oxford Diecast Dingo Scout Car HQ 2nd Division, El Alamein 1942 - 1:76 Scale
These cost $A12 each and are ready to go right out of the box.

While they are meant to be collectors' items, seeing them blown up in the pictures shows a bit of room for detailing and maybe weathering.  My challenge as always will be to use them in anger on the table top.

 But back to the mat and my need to decide on future desert basing schemes.
This DAK stand was from my recent Tunisian Campaign purchase.

 This is my existing basing scheme for my Australian Western Desert Force.

 Some Fallschirmjager destined for Crete for which I also plan to use this mat.
The basing scheme for these figures, which I purchase some time back, matches in well.

This was my attempt to match that scheme.

Lev has provided me with the paint colours he used and my partner is out at the moment looking for sample pots for me.

 I'm yet to do my post about these guys and some related Space 1889 figures I recently came by.

But my plan is to use the mat for Mars as well.

Of course I will just need to perfect some additional terrain items.  The mat is such that some slopes, hills etc can be provided by putting books etc underneath.


  1. I like the subtle nature of the thin gridlines on your new mat. The lines almost appear as penciled in. Hopefully, these marks are permanent. Are the lines easy enough to discern during play? On the mat itself, is the texturing seen in the photos integral to the mat or is that your own doing?

    Crete is an interest of mine as well and I look forward to following along on your journey. As for your dip into Space 1889, is your blue beast a Ral Partha figure? If so, I had a buddy that had scores and scores of those things. Not sure he got that project off the ground. That must have been over fifteen years ago.

    1. Lev initial considered doing the lines using UV paint, but found that this wouldn't work in everyday wargaming and so penciled in the lines. A few plays well tell me how subtle they are.

      The texturing is integral. Means no sliding troops about and maybe some bases might wobble when placed, but it is fairly low profile. Big test will be how other terrain sits on it. My club has some great latex terrain features and I think these will go well.

      The new Crete boardgame has just been shipped so I'm looking forward to that. I will post when I get it, although I plan to keep it for Xmas.

      Space 1889 was GDW but I think there is a Ral Partha connection. There is this blog: and this:

      My investigations will continue.

  2. Mat looks nice. A good investment. You can hardly see the squares unless you’re trying to. 😀

    1. Thanks. The proof will be in the gaming, but it actually makes a rather nice table covering as is :-)