Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ligny - Take Two or Three - Part 3

On a very sociable Saturday we completed another three exciting turns of this battle: 18:30, 19:00 and 19:30.  As per the last installment the two Stephens commanded the Prussians with the weight of the honor of France on Mark B's shoulders alone.

 The Old Guard Chasseurs fighting for control over the hill behind St Amand.

 I swapped in my freshly painted unit of Young Guard Voltigeurs
 so they could get some table top experience.

 This was a momentous turn that saw the French use three of their Free Rolls.
Each time having a significant reversal of the outcomes.
There was much banter about moral decline.

 The Prussians had moved up and been charged by French heavy cavalry.  
Their attempt to form square was one of the dice rolls that the French had rerolled.

 The Prussians pinned and then charged the Old Guard.

 But were promptly counter charged. 

 The French cavalry that had routed the Prussians guns and supporting infantry was in turn charged.
The result was inconclusive.

 End of the 18:30 turn as seen from the French side.

 And from the Prussian.

 The Old Guard continue to attack.

 So successful were they that they split the Prussian army in two.

 End of the 19:00 turn as seen from the eastern end of the battlefield,
Ligny to the centre, right.

 The battlefield from the western end, 
the built up area of Wagnelee and Le Hameau in the centre foreground.

 Part of St Amand has fallen and the Young Guard are now moving up along with the cavalry.

 The Old Guard still fighting for the hill behind St Amand.

 But also striking towards Byre.

 Guard heavy cavalry hit a Prussian unit.  
It formed square, but the cavalry were so shot up by fire from Ligny that they routed.

 End of the 19:30 turn, from the French side.  
The Guard heavy cavalry has been mauled.
But the Old Guard artillery is now across the stream, having been able to cross via St Amand.

From the Prussian side.
Note the French Old Guard unit that has passed the windmill.

At this stage, both sides have taken significant casualties, although the Prussians are still very much a fighting force (with eight brigades concentrated around Ligny).  The French have lost most of their III and IV Corps and are reliant on the Guard to win the battle.  However, if they lose just two of the Old Guard units then the French army will collapse.  

One odd thing that happened, the Prussian I Korps commander Zieten acted as a shield, blocking the Prussian cavalry from contacting the French.  I think a burst through option is required. 

Normally the Prussian cavalry, circled, would react against the French unit in combat with their infantry.  However they can't make contact as Zieten is in the way!

The French knew this and were careful not to contact him and so lose their shield.

I suppose it is II Korps cavalry coming to the aid of I Korps infantry and Zieten saying no, 
we can handle this.


  1. "Bravo les courageux grognards!"

    1. It is interesting, with this game it is up to the guard to win the day.

  2. Your newly mustered voltigeurs look terrific! Appears French hopes rest on the heroics of the Guard to win the day. Waiting to see how it turns out. Your overhead photos give a good sense of the scope of your Ligny game. A massive, swirling game on display. Quite impressive!

    1. Thank you. We hope to finish the game this Wednesday night (if I can get people to focus). The French hopes rest with the Guard. But if Blucher can pull off a few successful counterattacks... (he adds a plus 3 to the combat and that evens things up a bit).