Tuesday, November 14, 2017

MMP's Operation Mercury - The Invasion of Crete

This arrived yesterday.  I had it on preorder from Milsims from back in July and ended up paying $250 for it (that's okay - my partner doesn't follow my blog, she just wants to take it away and give it to me at Xmas).  Milsims, now under new management, did a great job of packaging it and it arrived in perfect condition.  The only challenge I had is that the new trader goes under the name "Joe Dodgy's Dice and Games".

Even though it will be put away till the New Year, I checked the contents were all there. 

All present and correct!

Based on  A Wargaming Odyssey blog post I read recently about books on Greece and Crete, I checked the Abbreviated Bibliography and I have copied it into this post for reference:

In the Designer's Notes, which I've now read, Joseph Chacon, the designer, mentions the NZ official history by D M Davin, a copy of which I have, but I'm yet to read.  He also noted that it is available on-line here: http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-WH2Cret.html

Interestingly he also mentions that the war diaries of the Australian battalions involved in the battle are available on line.  And after a bit of googling I found this

It can be found here  https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C1362721  There is a PDF to download which is scans of the various reports made during this period.  Looks fascinating.

Sadly this will all have to wait till the New Year, not because she says, but because I am too overloaded with other boardgames and miniatures at the moment.

I don't need to do a review of the game as MMP have all the detail here.  And there is always Boardgame Geek to check out.

Best of all for me there is a Vassal module.


  1. This is a game I have been VERY interested in seeing. VASSAL might be a good solution for me to learn the system.
    Like you, I have an interest in the campaign. Have you tried a GTS game yet?

    1. No, this will be my first go with their combat system. I'm a little apprehensive as I have picked up Rommel by Sam Mustafa as well to have a go at.

      This is my first MMP game, although I did pinch their Vimeiro map to use for a tabletop game using Napoleon's Battles.

    2. MMP (was The Gamers) produce a number of excellent systems. Operational Combat Series (OCS) is my favorite operational WWII land game by far. Civil War Brigade Series (CWB) is excellent as well. Have nearly worn out some of the counters in my many CWB games.

      If you ever pick up an OCS title, I would enjoy reading your impressions of it. Excellent operational model. You can see the German Blitzkrieg in action and see how it worked.