Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Some Basic Impetus 2.0 Q and As

In recent games of Basic Impetus I had been puzzled by a few things.  In part I think this is because I am reading too much into a rule set that is meant to be basic.

I used the Facebook group to raise my questions.

Questions about combat activations.

In this example, does the charge of the warband reinitiate the cavalry combat?
If not, do the Romans facing the cavalry act as support for the Romans fighting the warband?
If the warband wins, and pursues, does that initiate a combat with the Romans fighting the cavalry? (which would see the warband as support).

The answer:
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The warbands are the Main Unit in the new melee, so they cannot be the support unit in the other melee. With only the Romans on the left (vs cavalry) present, then the warbands would have restarted the melee (as support)

A question about retreats.

In the image the Romans have positioned some skirmishers behind the warband.
If the warband has to retreat, will it be destroyed?
If not, what happens if the Romans pursue and it has to retreat a second time?

The answer:
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They will be destroyed only when not able to start the retreat. So the first time they can do that an possibly stopped with contact with S

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