Saturday, December 5, 2020

Holland'44 Q3 2020 - Turns 14 to 16

Another day completed.

A nighttime attack on Nijmegen.
It failed, but the Allies had more to do as will be seen.

Germans counterattack on the left flank.

Germans counterattack on the right flank.

Germans continue their attack near Arnhem.

But the Allies are across the Waal and have captured Tiel.

The big picture, dawn 22nd September
and the weather is clear!.

A true sideshow, removing the last unknown unit.

Breakout from Tiel,
a lucky 6 put paid to the extensive German efforts to seal this flank.

Another attack on Nijmegen, losses are inflicted, but the Germans can reinforce.
But perhaps of more significance, the Allies have made another crossing of the Waal.

The Germans continue their counterattack on the left flank.

And against the right flank.
That was a 7 to 1 attack and they captured a lot of swamp.
It is going to be hard work to make anything of it.

The poor British paras outside Arnhem are on their last legs.

(Aside: I just love how Blogger decides to randomly orientate my images.
It's a bugger to correct as it requires going into the HTML code.)

Allied breakout to the south west of Nijmegen (if I've got my bearings correct).
Plus yet another attack on Nijmegen which had recently been reinforced by Tiger tanks.
The result was an exchange.  
Bye bye Tigers.

The Germans maintain the pressure on the left flank.

And also on the right flank.
This could get embarrassing...

The Allies are getting close to Arnhem,
but it might be too late to save the paras outside that city.

The situation at nightfall.

One more day remains and one more session should see us complete the last four turns.


  1. Colourful and interesting, though not easy to follow what's going on.

    By the way, Blogger has for some reason taken it upon itself to reverse the order of pictures when I upload several 'en bloc'. Thus, a useful feature gets butchered for no reason, simply because some wally decides change is good just because it's change.

    1. Thanks. I think for next game I will just take photos of the end of turn with dialogue to explain what happened in the turn. This game I was trying something different by photographing the actual combats.

      As for Blogger I agree with your sentiments completely. I've also had the sequencing problem, but think that might be fixed now, maybe.