Sunday, December 6, 2020

641 grams of Soviets

That's over half a kilo.

This is about a quarter of the infantry I have to base.
While I plan to use them for Rommel, 
they have also been set up for Crossfire (above represents a company).

Some unintended battle damage on these chaps that I wasn't inclined to try and repair.

And now for something different.
Submachine gunners on urban bases.
Perfect for Stalingrad.

The bases have been enhanced with sand to blend in figure bases.

I've tried to make a puddle in a shell hole where there was a slot for a second figure.

"Not one step back!"


  1. Very nice work on these little guys

    1. Thanks. Lol my partner said they were little when I showed her the batch that feature in the 306 grams post. I told her they were crouching down to avoid being shot (by either side).