Monday, December 7, 2020

Byzantines versus Carthaginians

Mark came down from York to collect the Persians and we made good use of the visit by having a game of Basic Impetus.  Mark knows Impetus well, but this was his first game of Basic Impetus 2.0.  He went Carthaginian.

Infantry centre, cavalry wings.

Turn 1 and the Byzantine wings quickly advance.

Turn 2 and the Byzantine cavalry has cleared away the Carthaginian cavalry.

Turn 3 and the infantry are now fighting.
The Carthaginian elephants repaired their right flank,
but it looks hopeless for the lone Libyan skirmishers to hold their left.

Turn 4 and both armies are getting close to breaking.

The Spanish scutarii have just charged.
This was judged to reactivate the Libyan spearman's melee.
Upon reflection this might not be the case, 
unless they had subsequently won their combat and successfully pursued.

Having now reread Lorenzo's reply to my question about this on the Facebook Group I am sure that we did this wrong: the charge of the Spaniards should not have reactivated the combat as they were the main unit in combat with a new unit.  If they had won that and pursued then they would reactivate the combat (and it this particular combat would be support).  I have posted the reply here.
Turn 5 and the Byzantine cavalry swept up the Libyan skirmishers,
securing victory.

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