Sunday, December 13, 2020

Holland'44 Q3 2020 - Turns 17 to 20

Mike and I finished this game.  It took on an interesting twist towards the end.

The Allies make another attack on Nijmegen as well as trying to cut it off.

The Germans counterattack to relieve Nijmegen
and at the same time keep up their attack on the British paras.

The Germans make more attacks on the right (eastern flank).

The big picture with one day to go.
Sadly an overcast day so no help for the Allies from their airforce.

The Allies desperately try to secure their position in the Betuwe,
so they can move on to cross the Lower Rhine
and relieve/rescue the now reduced British paratroops.

The Germans attack on the right.
They are almost clear of the swamp.

They also renew their attacks on the left (western flank).

But the critical combats are around Arnhem and Nijmegen.

A one to one attack south east of Nijmegen.
What's the point?

Big picture at midday.
Allied losses stand at ten and a half.
German automatic victory will occur if they can just kill a few more units.
Every attack has a chance of an exchange
which allows the opponent to pick the unit to take casualties.

The Allies now have Nijmegen out of supply.

And now we see the start of German suicide attacks.
Because unlike other games, attacks at less the one to three are resolved at one to three.
Germans will take a loss, but if they can get that one in six chance of an exchange...

Desperate attacks on the left flank.

And on the right.

While keeping up the pressure on Arnhem and its approaches.

The situation on the evening of the last day.
It is a bridge too far for the Allies.
Vulnerable units are also pulled out of the front lines,
to avoid those victory sapping exchanges.

The Allies make one last attempt to take Nijmegen.
It fails.

The Germans keep up their desperate attacks.

Although they can actually get good odds on some attacks.

Desperate attacks on the right flank.
The Allies had actually been forced to move troops to reinforce this area.

Final attacks.
Even the Nijmegen garrison get in on the act 
achieving success and exchanging for one of the critical Allied engineer units.

The last attack.

End of the game, northern sector.

Eastern sector.

And western sector.

Apologies for Google's orientation of some of the images.

A very close game with plenty of decisions and attacks to be made by both sides.  

It is hard for each side.

I think the Germans ended with 11 Victory Points while the Allies had 8.


  1. Mark was somewhat unlucky to not have taken Nijmegen, it cost him the game. To be fair it did need to consecutive rolls to take, the first a good attack roll from the Allies followed by a poor defensive roll from the GERM defenders. Mark often did not get the first good roll he was attacking at 3:1 and 4:1 and then when he did - the GERM made his defensive roll. It was epic and nerve racking as every attack from about turn 3 had the potential to capture Nijmegen. I think the Allied plan depended too much on taking Nijmegen rather than creating a second option with the ENG to make crossings of the Waal. This is a great balanced game and has hard work and fun for both sides. Agree with Mark Ref the 'less than 3:1 odds" and rolling Exchange (1 in 6 chance of eliminating the attackers choice of unit) strategy as a bit gamey but we put this down to a 'Hitler's" directive. Good Game

  2. A dice roll too far/many :-)

    Great game.