Monday, December 14, 2020

Great Battles With Basic Impetus - Alexandrian Macedonian versus Classical Indians in 6mm

After the success of the last Great Battles game in 6mm, Mark Woods put on another game at the club's games day, this time featuring his stunningly painted Indians.  Sadly my camera appears to have put itself on some rogue settings as nearly all the photos are blurred.

Simon and Michael commanded the Macedonians.  Mark, Drew and myself commanded the Indians.

With a six by four table it is hard to do justice with one photo.
Above you can see the three distinct Indian commands in the foreground.
The Macedonians have almost merged two of their commands which now comprises their right wing.
Their other command covers the centre and their left.

Turn one on the Indian left.
It looks tricky at best.
Elephants are dancing sideways and have become disordered.

On the right things look a bit better,
but the enemy seems far away.

Turn two and the Macedonians have been able to engage the Indian left,
with some success
(scratch one Indian cavalry unit).

On the right troops are madly scrambling to get into place.
It is a slow process.

Turn three and the Macedonians have broken through the Indian left flank.

Will this flank ever get into action?

Turn four and it's down to the elephants.

With almost the full weight of the Indian army bearing down upon them,
the Macedonian left flank must be feeling a little threatened.

Turn five and the Indian left is under a bit of pressure, possibly...
It's grim!

On the right things are starting to happen.

Turn six and the Indian left flank has broken.

But the Macedonian left might be in trouble.

The Macedonian centre and right have now to wheel round.

They are not going to make it in time.
The Macedonian left flank is disintegrating under the combined weight of elephants and heavy chariots.

Turn eight and with time moving on it was time to call it a draw.
The Macedonians had a slight lead.

While the Indian army has some good troops, 
they are matched by the Macedonian pike, superior cavalry and better skirmishers.

Excellent game, I only wish my photos had done justice to the superb figures.


  1. Marvellous big ancient battle Mark. Big mobs of pike chariots and elephants; super!
    Regards, James

    1. Someone said if there ain't elephants and chariots it's not really an ancients game.

  2. Drew will send his pics to me and I'll forward them to you. Thanks for the AAR