Friday, December 11, 2020

Carthaginians versus Those Lancastrians Again

This time for victory!

The horrid Lancastrians had to deploy first.

The Carthaginians wasted no time in quickly starting to advance.
Skirmishers to the fore.

Despite a lot of missile fire, no hits had been scored on either side.

But then came contact.
The Carthaginians had won the initiative and unleashed a wild charge.
In the above image the cavalry had charged first, but it was a tie.
Then the Spaniards charged, routed their opponents 
but we ruled their charge did not reactivate the cavalry melee.
However the Spaniards successfully pursed 
and we ruled this did reactivate the cavalry melee
with the Spaniards as support.

The Carthaginians have made a mess of the Lancastrian foot.
The Lancastrian knights, I'm been generous,
had modest success against the Carthaginian left.

But by turn four it was all over.


  1. That's Carthage, the famous village in Yorkshire, I presume?
    You know what a fuddy-duddy stickler for history I am! :)
    Regards, James

    1. After the destruction of Carthage the twins Yorkulus and Yorkemus escaped to Briton were they were raised by wolves and founded a city which still bears their name to this day. It just has to be true :-)