Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stalingrad Crossfire Scenario

It was that time of the year to bring out this game.

Stephen N and Craig took the side of the Soviet while Mark B and Matthew were the Axis.  Each had a company. It was Stephen and Mark's second and Matthew's first game with the Crossfire rules.  Craig had last played 15 years ago and quickly demonstrated he was an old hand.

After a lot of back and forth combats, Craig's company commander is left facing Mark's company commander.  Mark had a slight advantage, even if his figures were only plastic, and he was able to survive, this time...

The Soviets send in reinforcements.  The Axis were ready, but not able to stop them.  House to house fighting being bloody is also decisive.

The Soviets massed against the enemy and it was all over, or so the Axis players thought.  This was after less than an hour into the game, a lot less if you take out the time for set-up.

The beauty of playing with hidden deployment the Soviets didn't know how close they were to victory and proceeded to cautiously battle the remaining Axis for another hour.

I suggested to the Soviet player that they do the equivalent of counting cards and they soon realised that the Axis were a spent force.

If you are happy to just go for infantry actions, Crossfire can be a real fun set of rules.  Needs lots of terrain and the Stalingrad scenario (which is included with the rules) is perfect. 

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