Monday, January 25, 2016

El Cid versus the Andalusians

Richard's friend Michael very kindly put on this learning game of Impetus, umpiring Richard as El Cid and myself with the Andalusians.  It was a big game at around 500 points with some complex units to get our minds around.

This is my right flank.  The troops in black robes are elite and actually heavy infantry, not light foot.  The disk is for the command and is turned over once the command has moved to avoid confusion - good idea.

The right flank was soon in action with my javelin armed light cavalry starting to make progress in besting the enemy.

The centre of both armies was infantry supported by missile troops.

Things developed quickly on the right as the enemy's impetuous troops didn't hold back. That is El Cid leading the knights as well. 

My troops started to get worn down, but they were dishing out punishment as they went.
The red disk means disorder.  The green dice is casualties.

The centres start to approach.  My right was triumphant, but now to weak to do much.  The right of my centre was also weakened by the previous fighting.  And then I had a dumb command role...

The enemy right now advances.  A mass of knights screened by skirmishers throwing rocks.

The left of my centre is now engaged.  This was a long combat with my troops getting pushed back repeatedly.

But I had a lot of unengaged cavalry on my left...

My right is clear and the centre hanging on, just.

On the left my numbers start to tell.

Great game.  Still learning the rules, but they played well, even though a few things are still hard to get my head around (mainly how hits convert to casualties).

Thanks Michael for hosting the game, much appreciated.


  1. Cool. Great looking minis. I've often wondered about Impetus. How does it compare to, say, BBDBA / Big Battle HOTT?

    1. Thanks. Sadly none of the figures are mine, but it was great to get to play with them.

      I don't know BBDBA, although I do know DBA, so I can't really give an opinion. Impetus has that same pushback combat flavour that DBA has as well as a similar ZOC. However disorder and reaction give it an extra level of complexity. We played for about four hours before we had to stop - the game had reached a fairly satisfactory conclusion and was a close run thing.

  2. Impetvs IS a great game! Gaming the Reconquista is one of my pet Impetvs projects too.

    Good looking game.

  3. Yes, while only my third game, I'm certainly impressed with the Impetus rules.

    The Reconquista is not something I know much about but I am sure would lend itself to an interesting campaign.

  4. Shame I couldn't be there. Is FoG dead now?

    1. While still early days, I would say Impetus gives a similar scale game to FoG but with less complexity and perhaps a bit of a better feel with combat pushbacks.

      Given there is no rebasing it is easy to swap between the two.