Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal - GT80

27-28 November saw snow and this thwarted the Axis plans to smash through the new Soviet defence lines.

The immediate defence before Rostov is too strong, but if the panzers had the movement they would have struck the Soviet line still under construction.  The weather saved the Soviets.

This turn was agony of decision making for the Axis.

End of the turn and north of Stalino the only change is a slight thinning out of Soviet defenders as they are moved south.

The Axis launched their attacks to the east of Stalino.  Stalino was captured and the Soviets fell back to a line of hills.  Further attacks are expected as with the fall of Stalino the Axis supply route is well positioned to support an offensive in this direction and a possible descent on Rostov from the north.

But the big news was the final surrender of Melitopol.  They did their bit as the Axis forces that were besieging the city are probably too far to be able to reach the main front in time to make a contribution.

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