Sunday, January 31, 2016

14th Chasseurs a Cheval bis

I could have called this post "14th Chasseurs a Cheval douze".  Chris H found the missing twelfth man and given the effort he went to find him, I thought I better add him to the command base asap.


In my previous post on these guys, I mentioned I was unhappy with my repair of the elite trooper's plume.  I took this opportunity to fix it.  In breaking it off  a bit more paint came away than I would have preferred, but this just meant I had a bit more room to drill a hole and secure a pin.  The plume was then built up with plaster.  A lick of paint, coat of PVA glue and a light spray varnish and all better.  I was particularly happy how the pompom turned out, something that was missing on the old plume (which can be seen, discarded in the photo).

Now looking much more elite.

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