Thursday, January 7, 2016


Axis fighters try and bounce two Allied Beaufighters only to find them ably escorted by two Mustangs.

My Focke Wulf sporting the verboten crooked cross on its tail.

Stephen N took his Me109 in first and got shot up by Mark B's Mustang.

The Me109 swings round to tail one of the Beaufighters (under the control of another Mark, a visitor).  My FW has just made a pass at Mark B's Mustang.  The other Beaufighter and Mustang are under control of Paul and Sam (a visitor as well), but I don't recall who had what.  There is a second FW under the control of Matthew.

Fast and furious.

With the expected results.

It is left to Matthew to protect the Reich.

Another shot of the three planes going down in flames (well, smoke as well, only made the one fiery fireball marker so far).

As Mark B pointed out to me, I had kind of lost interest after this.  I was actually busy looking at the Impetus rules, but just to provide closure, the remaining Allied planes took out the loan Focke Wulf.


  1. The 5th and 6th pictures also show the result of Mark D's heroic self-sacrifice, performing an Immelmann to take out the Me109 at the same time it finished him off.

    I had the Mustang and Sam successfully flew reconnaissance over the Lego factory with the other Beaufighter.

    1. Thanks Paul. I hope Mark and Sam enjoyed themselves.