Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Austerlitz Muster - Part One

One of my projects for 2016 is to do Austerlitz using Napoleon's Battles.  I will be using Scott Bowden's book "The Glory Years - Napoleon and Austerlitz" as my main source.  It has an excellent Order of Battle with which I have now completed a first pass at creating a OoB for Napoleon's Battles.  It might get revised based on points calculations (balancing) between the two forces and to reflect any significant force structure variations I come across based on reading about the battle, but I expect these to be minor.

I can just about do everything for the French.  Stephen N is checking his Austrians and Russians and I also expect Richard to be able to field them as well, which should mean plenty of opportunities to play out the scenario.

This is the Imperial Guard.  The only aspect re the OoB that I'm not happy with is lack of divisional commanders for the infantry and cavalry of the Imperial Guard (as distinct from the attached grenadiers).  With respect to the figures my Napoleon stand is rather tired and I really should use Guard Horse Artillery figures rather than foot, but these are all in the nice to have category. 

2nd and 3rd Corps, just missing 8FrLC (dragoons).

4th Corps, missing five divisional level generals and 20FrLC (dragoons).

5th Corps complete.

Reserve Cavalry missing Murat as the Corps commander.

General figures I have in the lead mountain, but the dragoons I will have to order.  With an eye to what I can muster for Waterloo, these additions will also fill gaps with that OoB. 


  1. If you are interested in a great read and a well researched OOB, pick up Goetz's 1805: Austerlitz.

    1. Thanks. I will add it to my research list. The Bowden book is very good and I also have a boardgame that came in a magazine (The Wargamer - Number 17).

  2. This will be a most interesting one to re-fight Mark. A big challenge for the French with allied commanders having the benefit of hindsight. Yet another challenge to scenario design!

    1. Yes, I think there needs to be a "fixed" historical scenario (should do one for Waterloo as well) and one that is just an historical set up.

      Interestingly Carlo is also looking at some Austerlitz scenarios for General de Brigade.