Thursday, January 21, 2016


Well, destruction wasn't assured when we started play, but that is what happened.

My new ME110 night fighter being escorted by Matthew with a FW190.

Stephen N makes a pass with his Spitfire.  I think this left us both with half damage.  Lucky it was long range.

The Allies also had two Beaufighters under the control of Gareth and Olivier.  The Axis had another FW190 and a "special" ME110 under Paul's command.

Paul's rebadged ME110 is in trouble.

My ME110 makes it over the city and Herr Hess bails out.
If you are not familiar with the Deputy Fuhrer, you can find some information here:

Gareth gets a kill and Matthew blows up.

Down goes Stephen followed by Paul's ME110.

By now my ME110 is heading for home, but is badly shot up by Gareth's Beaufighter in a fly by.  However I get in a Parthian shot and that was the end of Gareth.

And then I run into the last Beaufighter and I'm shot to bits, but the remaining FW puts and end to Olivier only to be consumed in flames.

That's it.  All planes down.


  1. What a senseless waste of perfectly good aeroplanes, but it sure sounds like a great game!

  2. like it. Nice AAR and kit. Hess came down in a field by the reservoirs near the town where I used to live. Some twit keeps trying to put up a cairn at the spot where Hess was arrested by the local beat bobby but the farmer flattens it each time it appears.

    1. Thanks. You would like to think there was some mystery or conspiracy in his secret flight, but it seems he was just a deluded individual who felt shut out from the big game and was trying to get back in. Makes him almost human.

  3. Ha! What a bloodbath! Not that plastic bleeds...

    Those Beaufighters must be Kiwi day trippers - all New Zealand civil aircraft registrations begin with ZK!