Saturday, October 30, 2021

My Armies of Islam for Basic Impetus 2.0

Feeling real good that I got this project finished. 

There are:
  • 4 large units of FP that can be configured as spear or impetus warrior 
  • 5 units of T archer which can be added to the FP spearmen to form large units
  • 5 units of medium cavalry
  • 2 units of medium camelry
  • 2 horse archers
  • 2 camel archers
  • 2 light cavalry javelin
  • 2 light camelry javelin
  • 2 skirmisher javelin
  • 3 skirmishers bow
  • 3 skirmisher sling
  • 1 general

It's rather hard to get a single complete phot that does it all justice,
but this top down view gets close.

And I do like the general figure.
Again, this was a second hand army, all I've done is some make good and rebase.
The "before"images can be found in this post: