Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Guns of August - 1914

Yesterday Richard and I started this classic Avalon Hill game circa 1981.  I had not played it before and went the Triple Entente while Richard who hadn't played the game for some thirty years went the Central Powers.  Our first session completed the first year.

Pre set up

The end of 1914.

Seems to be pretty historical so far.


  1. Great to see this Avalon Hill classic being played, Mar,. Not one that I owned, but it looks great. Frighteningly historical at present. How to break that stalemate? I'd love a bold combined-arms attack in the north, which was considered and rejected, I understand. Possibly with an attempted breakthrough if the sector is weakened. The Russians are so important, as they were historically. I presume that the revolution is a random event, with increasing likelihood?
    Regards, James

    1. I'm playing blind as I have not read the rules (but they are only a few pages), but the Entente are short of spare units to make any "diversionary" attacks.
      There are morale rules which ultimately will inflict a Russian collapse if losses mount, particularly the loss of cities.