Saturday, October 2, 2021

Found Mojo Lost Marbles

Well, I might have got my painting mojo back, but spot the blue or should I say bleu in this work in progress:

I recommenced work on these after a discussion with Simon on Wednesday had inspired me.  It was going to the cabinet where my other 6mm bases are on display (poorly I might add) that lead me to discover the damaged 30mm Guard Lancer which was the subject of a previous post.

The really stupid is thing is I do a few French lessons daily using Duolingo.  My avatar even flies the flag.  So how could I have got it so wrong? 


  1. These are looking great Mark.
    Regards, James

    1. Recognize them do you? :-)
      They should look even better based, better still when I can add some more and best when I can field enough to have a game. Not sure what rules. Blucher maybe. I'd prefer a simplified version of Napoleon's Battles, maybe by way of Snappy Nappy.