Saturday, October 2, 2021

Zhis iz notz tgaz truck

This beautiful little 3d printed model of a Gaz AAA 6x4 truck was mistaken for a ZIS truck leading to a little embarrassment when it seemed to be undersized.  The Gaz is smaller than the ZIS by design.  I should have realized when its label noted AAA, presumably like batteries, the more As, the smaller it is :-)

But disaster struck and in this wild and wintery weather we are having it was blown out of my hand to smash on the driveway when I took it over to show Richard.  Luckily we found all the parts, although it took three goes and Richard's eagle eyes.


This post was started 1 August, but never completed... Until now!

The comparison that caused the angst.

GAZ AAA 6x4 truck by Battlefield3d 
followed by a Zis-5 3-ton truck by Battlefront
3D beats resin any day


  1. It looks great after its repairs! But I am not sure if it is a lucky truck :) May tend to roll ones a lot.

    1. I think this fella is destined to be a token. But will have to be kept well away from command rolls.