Saturday, January 3, 2015

An Encounter in the "Blockage"

Today I took part in a four player Blitzkrieg Commander game.  My contribution was some pieces of bocage and some well placed artillery fire.

We played the encounter scenario using Richard's Germans (played by himself and Michael) and Mark W's US forces (played by Mark and myself).

These lucky guys made it to a tree line.

A command blunder saw the loss of an AT unit.  Note the FAO in the trees by the road. 

After initially failing to come on, the tanks then charged to the top of a hill and were annihilated.  My fault, I should have lurked.

The problem.

After the loss of my armour my troops went to ground while artillery fire was brought in.  While it didn't do a lot of damage to the German armour, it did catch their infantry out in the open.  The resultant carnage took the Germans past their breakpoint.  They hung on for one extra turn, but by turn 7 (of 8) it was all over.  Close run thing as the US forces were reaching their breaking point as well.


  1. I think that if we play a similar scenario then artillery should be limited. We should also try and play it with not so much armour on the table. The logjam with the German tanks shouldn't have happened. Enjoyable game but it could have been more free flowing with less vehicles.

  2. Those GIs are quite well painted. Kudos to whomever.
    Sometimes less is more when it comes to armour on the table.

    1. The GIs were painted by Mark Woods and you can see some more photos of them, this game and other figures he has painted on his blog:

  3. Thanks for the praise Michael, I try my hardest.